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Classic car scams

1963 Avanti for sale on a website called Trovit. Advertised...

ID:48895 4 days ago

I have been scammed by TiDold USA, Epizontech, only takes checking account #.

I put money down on, website for$50, check #....

ID:48892 4 days ago

They are trying to scam

I got a text message that said thanks for being a loyal cust...

ID:48891 4 days ago

I am a single mom this is $$ I can not play with I'm so sick of being taken for a dame fool

Wrong hair not a lace front cheap hair keep coming out ever...

ID:48890 4 days ago

I was trying to apply for a job.

I was trying to apply for a stay at home job. the interview...

ID:48889 4 days ago

I have been scammed by David Lewis and his phone # 251-533-9068

David Lewis, scammed me with the sum of $3,350 for selling a...

ID:48887 4 days ago

Scammed by website

I clicked on the first website to change my address. Filled...

ID:48886 4 days ago

You"Winning Money" Mr.Ron. what are you gonna so now?

Saw, a friend on face book that I had not talked to in a lo...

ID:48885 4 days ago

Stupid giftcard

I found an ad on FB, in a thing called Mom&Dad's from home",...

ID:48884 4 days ago