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Seresto scammers

I searched for Seresto Dog Collar sale because I have 2 dogs...

ID:69163 12 hours ago

I have been scammed by the person above

The man called and said he had evidence against me about chi...

ID:69162 13 hours ago


I ordered a n95 mask about a month ago and I never received...

ID:69161 13 hours ago

I have scammed by polacca

She act like she was selling American bulldogs and scammed m...

ID:69160 14 hours ago

Mr. Nick Adams/Danny Williams TRIED to scam me on loan

I was online applying for a small business loan, when I rece...

ID:69159 14 hours ago

Got money from my account

I have never order from this Game Duster! I checked my accou...

ID:69158 14 hours ago

Grant scam

Person got a hold of me said hey how are you doing I said fi...

ID:69157 14 hours ago

Scam emails for demanding money and give me 4 hours to comply

I have been receiving this emails demanding a response and w...

ID:69156 15 hours ago

Attempted car sale scam

Listed a 2011 Acura MDX for sale via fb, first contact was a...

ID:69155 16 hours ago