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Scam, ripped me off!!!

I ordered cigarettes back in may 2019. They provided me with...

ID:61853 23 hours ago

Out right lie in what they tell you from inductory video

I answered a email fro watched the intiductory...

ID:61852 1 day ago

Jack selling puppies

Was trying to buy a puppy for my wife as a surprise and she...

ID:61851 1 day ago

They sent wrong size and won't answer phone or emails

My daughter ordered a shirt for my husband. We received it b...

ID:61850 1 day ago

Product seller a scammer

I ordered paid for product never recieved it was s...

ID:61849 1 day ago

Been scammed by Tom Jerome

Meet Tom on tinder dating site claimed to be commander in ar...

ID:61848 1 day ago

Impersonating Police Chief

Individual called claiming he was with the Grand Junction Po...

ID:61846 1 day ago

Social Security Fraud

Had a message on my phone that said that my SSN had been use...

ID:61845 1 day ago

I must send give my ss number

They said I was in trouble with Social Security and wanted m...

ID:61844 1 day ago