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Embezzled my money

Embezzled my money Embezzled my money Embezzled my money...

ID:94593 7 months ago

Almost got scammed

A young woman named Michaelajoy1 on IG had contacted me abou...

ID:94592 7 months ago

Scrhug and I believe they are also under the name smartscore

I was looking into auto financing when I was taken to site t...

ID:94591 7 months ago

I am seekhd's latest victim

I paid for a number search and they gave me results that my...

ID:94590 7 months ago

Total Scam Operation

Advertised a Russian Blue for sale named "Sam" -- by using s...

ID:94589 7 months ago

I have been scammed by Adekunbi Adefumbi Laoye

I met this lady on Facebook where she claimed to be a lawyer...

ID:94588 7 months ago

No explanation of charges.

I went to change my address...thought I was paying a dollar....

ID:94587 8 months ago

Did not get what was ordered

2020 Best Gift Promotion - Garden Kneeler. $15.99. Had pictu...

ID:94586 8 months ago

Ghost Shopper for Snap Surveys Llc

They are offering $500 per week

ID:94585 8 months ago