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Purchased a puppy

I answered an add on face book to rehome a 10 month old pupp...

ID:59921 1 week ago

Home Builder failure to complete project

Sign contract for new home to be built in Feb 2018 Starte...

ID:59920 1 week ago

Hacker needs verification

I received a phone call from the above number about 10:59 am...

ID:59919 1 week ago

Bad service

I and my husband returned all equipment to where we were to...

ID:59918 1 week ago

Social security card

I received a phone call from 1-828-865-4201, @09:39 this mor...

ID:59917 1 week ago

Scammed when calling customer service number.

My daughter passed away. I called to close her account. The...

ID:59916 1 week ago

Apple doesn’t stand by their products

Apple refused to replace a brand new iphone7 which couldn’t...

ID:59915 1 week ago

Never send order

On 04/19, my nephew from Mexico, ordered a bike from this Co...

ID:59914 1 week ago

I have been scammed by john doe

I seeb a charge on my online babking from do not...

ID:59913 1 week ago