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I have been scammed by Thomas William

Thomas William was on facebook when I connected to him every...

ID:92772 17 hours ago

I have received the same scam call two days in a row.

The caller says they’ have detected a suspicious purchase o...

ID:92771 18 hours ago

Car warranty

I get called from various phone numbers at least once a week...

ID:92770 18 hours ago

Will not refund money

I ordered and paid for sneakers in April of 2020. After 2...

ID:92769 19 hours ago

101 fitness

i order a 0n Jan 19 20021 have not received treadmill cant f...

ID:92768 19 hours ago

Attempts scam

It’s a scam telling people that it is Amazon I already calle...

ID:92767 20 hours ago

False statements.

Indicated that I would receive I-pad and would have to pay $...

ID:92766 20 hours ago

Text says I won an iPad!

Apple is giving away 10 FREE Apple iPad this month! (MY REAL...

ID:92765 21 hours ago

FRAUD ALERT you WILL lose all your Bitcoin if you send to this person

I can confirm that this website operator is a scam artist wh...

ID:92764 1 day ago