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Publishers clearing house

I received a call saying they were publishers clearing house...

ID:61064 3 days ago

Received call only (I did not respond)

Received a phone call pertaining to my social security numbe...

ID:61063 3 days ago

I have been scammed by ACE Financial. They got me to enter on deal with Dep of Education

I got a call from ACE Financial offering help to eliminate m...

ID:61062 3 days ago

Scammed by metro pcs

Bought 2 types of phones android brand new that worked for 6...

ID:61061 3 days ago

Said they were social security office

Caller said he was from Social Security office and my check...

ID:61060 3 days ago

Been Scammed

I responded to an add regarding a toy Maltese Puppy we made...

ID:61059 3 days ago

Harassing tell a marketers

I am on a national no call list this company has me on this...

ID:61058 3 days ago

False accusations

A female saying that my social security card was found in a...

ID:61057 4 days ago

Fake shop never received product I ordered

Never received product i ordered on the 9th of july

ID:61056 4 days ago