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Hacker needs verification

  • by: gwill90813
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  • Jun 6, 2019
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I received a phone call from the above number about 10:59 am on 6/6/19. A male, Asian voice informed me he was an I. T. from the above company and he discovered my "email address" which he gave to me, being used in Chicago. He asked if the email he recited was mine. I did not confirm one way or another. He stated that I live in Long Beach and asked if that was so. I still did not confirm. He asked me to look it up on my computer. I asked him if I was to do this how much money would he charge me and he said " Money?" I did not ask you for any money." I am trying to help you." "Your email was used in Chicago and you live in Long Beach, don't you want my help?" I asked him the company he worked for and was he an IT from that company? He confirmed the above company, Global Customer Support and yes he was an IT in the company. I said thank you and hung up. This call was made to my cell phone and I do not know this company and or individual. I immediately called the FCC.
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