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  • by: LoatheScammers
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  • Feb 22, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $3000
These sick people act like they are computer support techs and tell you that your identity has been stolen they scare you into thinking your minutes away from a life altering event but they can fix it for you fast with gift card purchases. They have the victim purchase several cards and stay on the phone line with them so you can read them the numbers. They make people think this is the fastest way to save their identity. THEY also use tech support tactics by making you think your computer is compromised and allowing them remote access. It is at this point they put on a “fix it show” as they install a virus and slyly add themselves as the administrator to your PC. They sell a five year plan of “protection” for 499.00, under the company name of DIGITAL PC HELP MERCHANT ID ASPIRE MARKETING. this all takes places days after you think you're identity is stolen and you’re still vulnerable. This statement is on behalf of a victim who has mild dementia and fell for the phone call that his identity was stolen - they successfully stole $3000 from this person who would never have fell for this crap if wasn’t easily confused. They know what they’re doing, and they’re praying on the elderly.
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John Williams
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