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Impersonation of Subaru airbag recall

  • by: concernedperson
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  • Oct 30, 2020
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I have been contacted twice via letter from “Subaru Recall Team” that my recent airbag replacement was a temporary fix and new parts have come in and I need to call them to reschedule a permanent fix with a new airbag. When I contacted my Subaru dealership they checked and said the work had been completed and were unaware what this letter was for. The letter contained my name, address, year and make of my car, the last eight digits of my VIN number, the recall number and the date of my last service. The dealership had me contact Subaru directly who said the letter looked official and they were confused by it and had not heard of this. She called the number and they identified themselves as “Subaru Recall”. The woman from Subaru asked for the scammer’s corporate phone number and was given a number that was not Subaru corporate. The caller from Subaru did not confront them and said from what she can tell she believes it is a scam. Our local dealership also believed the letter, which they say is very official looking, is a scam and said they received another inquiry today from a customer with the same letter. This is obviously very highly organized and an actively ongoing scam and must be a large operation in my opinion yet no one at Subaru knows anything about it or how my information was obtained or if any other information was obtained. Please investigate this and advise me as soon as possible. Thank you.
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