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I have been scammed for Gameflip gift card

  • by: Kulwindergosal
  • #61785
  • Aug 14, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $0
My canon printer was not scanning any document. I started searching solution in internet then suddenly one canon technician starts chatting and number pops up to call. The guy really pushed me to call on that number to get help for printer. I did so and he sent me support key to get access to my laptop. Meanwhile he kept me busy with printer like take out ink , plug of printer. I was very keen to see what he was doing on my laptop as arrow was moving. He was actually looking for my PayPal account on gmail or google pay for his Gameflip google gift card. I told him I don’t have and then he said how did you pay for printer.
Do you have debit or Visa card. It got into my mind-SCAM. I told him I have nothing no credit no PayPal no debit. So he basically hacked my laptop. He disconnected his phone and said once u get verification code then just let him know. I just got code once and told him. At that time he was on Gameflip app to purchase the gift card worth $98 USD. And clicking on PayPal account. I had no PayPal account so transcation didn’t go through. Still I will check my bank account. I deleted all the banking apps from phone and shut down the laptop. The guy was frustrated too as he couldn’t get that gift card. But my Sony Vaio laptop is not working now. It shows on safe mode. It was Indian company as the guy was speaking hindi in mid.
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Sam Williams
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