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I was scammed by Steve Young

  • by: Bbarnes
  • #68789
  • Mar 25, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $29,000.00
March 20 I received a call on my mother's lan line supposedly from my son. He was in jail for reckless endangerment for rear ending a car while on his cell phone. He was going to need $9,000.00 to get out. It sounded like him under extreme duress.
Later this Steve Young called posing as his attorney giving me directions on sending the $9,000.00 refundable bond that I would get back in 3 days. He said I could not discuss this with anybody or I would be in contempt of court. I was told my son was facing 5-7 months and a felony charge that would be on his record.
He said he went to court to get quick trial to try to resolve this and that the judge said that we had to pay $60,000.00 that would be refunded when the insurance paid up.
I wired the $9,000.00 to Genesis Lezama on 3-23-2020
Chase Bank
6101 NW 7th Ave
Miami, FL 33127
Acct: ******

Genesis address is supposed to be
742 NW 2nd St.
Miami, FL 33141
Today, 3-23-2020, is the day that $9,000.00 was supposed to come back into my account. This morning Mr. Young called to say that the wire did not go into the account.
After I wired the $9,000.00, he said I needed to get $20,000.00 in cash for the first part of the $60,000.00. I got the cashon Tuesday, March 24, 2020 and he sent a courier, David Jackson, from his office to pick up the envelope. David was a young, handsome black man, early 20's, about 5'8" or 5'9", trim and fit build and drove a black car. He missed our house and parked a couple of houses down and walked back to it.
Mr. Young then called to arrange payment of the final $40,000.00. I transferred the funds from my Roth account to have enough to pay the $40,000.00.
My son called last night and I asked how he found this attorney. My son didn't know what I was talking about.
I'm in a panic. We drove to the Dallas FBI office which is closed because of the Corona virus issue so we went to the Irving police department to tell him that Mr. Young is still calling me to give me instructions on getting him the $40,000.00. I told him the money is in my account now, but I will have to transfer it to my bank to get the cash.
I have not answered his calls after the one telling me that the $9,000.00 wasn't wired to the Lezama's account and for me to check with Fidelity to see where they wired the money. He also inquired about the status of the $40,000.00 and I told him it was in the account to be transferred to my bank and that it would not be available until tomorrow.
I was hoping that the police would come to arrest the person when they came to pick up the "cash". Obviously, there will be no more money. The $29,000.00 will certainly never come back to me, but I wanted them arrested to save others.
I spoke with Officer Burkett 682 and he filed report # 20-6789 Theft by Deception this morning.
Please arrest these thieves.
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Steve Young
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