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Lying ignorance and poor service telling customers to f offs

  • by: kempereric63
  • #58958
  • May 8, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $1200
My truck was brought in a week ago to have a oil leak fixed I was told that it was the rear main seal then I had to come back after they said it wasn't the oil seal it was oil pan gaskets SO THEY FIXED THEM as i drove home from work oil blew up all over my truck may 4 i had it towed back may 6 2019 then told me they whould get to it when they could finally after telling me it wasn't the oil gaskets they just replaced now its the oil pan itself leaving me with my mothers car to drive to work missing 12 hrs pay told me they were pulling the engine then called an said we're just going to pull the transmission to fix it i have made multiple calls an have gotten no replys one of the mechanics told me to f off the manager niel said he cant reprimand him cause he knows the OWNERS $200 went for the a/c which failed right as i left an now wont fix it now they r charging me another $300 for oil pan WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO BUT FINE SOMEONE ELSE!!!! Multiple complaints have shown up on internet manager told me flat out the high up mechanic is the one who did this an made all the false diagnosis not only on mine but others vehicles as well
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