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I have been scammed by AirTkt Guru

  • by: JHarris
  • #10112
  • Jul 7, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $337
I attempted to purchase a round trip from New York to Los Angeles through this airline and after passing two verification stages, one of which included verifying the pending amount with my bank, they then asked me to provide images of the front and back of my debit card. After refusing they said that I would not be issued my ticket and that I would still be charged. I rang my bank immediately who advised that the funds had already been taken so I cannot have the funds blocked or refunded. They advised I file this case on this website.
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Attempt to Scam by AirTkt & CheapoAir

  • by: elmgo
  • #35828
  • Jul 9, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I purchased a flight ticket for today from AirTkt for an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to LAX. I received a confirmation e-mail so I was surprised when I received a phone call from 'David' from Cheapo-Air saying that while they were processing my request, the computer failed & didn't show the last page with my payment info. He wanted me to take a picture of my card, front & back, along with my ID & send it to them ASAP so they could complete my transaction. I told him I was not comfortable with this. I asked for his name & callback #

I went online & entered the phone # & it was for Eros Tours & Travels in LA. I read the reports on their business & they have 131 complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau & are not approved by them.Yelp rating is 1.5 only because there is no zero option.

I called Alaska Airlines & there was no booking!! I purchased my ticket through them & they waived the booking fee because of what I was going through!

I cancelled my debit card & cancelled my 'pretend' flight. I will be more diligent in my research before committing to any purchases with discount companies to save a buck.
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213-955-9695, 800-247-4775
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Robert grant beckstrand

  • by: robertb
  • #63013
  • Oct 10, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Here's the deal... I booked a flight through you and was sent an email asking for a call back. The first time I was hung up on. I feel he hung up because I challenged his request to do a three way call to my bank. He stated that this was required to verify that funds were available. If you have a credit card transaction that is approved by the issuing bank, the fund are available. No further action is required. I called back and sat on hold for another fifteen minutes and challenged the three way call request again. This time he stated after i finally gave permission to proceed with the three way call that the transaction DID NOT require verification. What kind of rotten transaction (by the way the review software will not let me post how I really feel) are you trying to pull? All of this SCREAMS SCAM!!! I'll update this review after I have my ticket or not.
9OCT2019: OK, now I received an email yesterday stating that they need to preform confirmation with my bank. This is not in agreement with what was stated on Monday. I was told everything is cool and I have my airline ticket. Today I get back to my email and I have an memo from them stating that the ticket is canceled and they are charging my account $50.00 for the privilege of screwing me for my airline ticket. I will be initializing a charge back with my bank. I'll see how that goes. I'll copy and post this review to Facebook and any other social media sites that will accept this review. Please be aware of my experience with this travel booking company and act accordingly.
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Worst agency

  • by: mantombazana11
  • #69997
  • Apr 27, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $2400
First of all, 95% of reviews on here are fake. If I could give this company a 0 star I would. I am baffled at how they are still in business. By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I mean it is non existant. You are lucky if you get your call answered or your email replied. First you will hold for an hour or more to get to a representative, when you finally do and tell them why you are calling they will ............wait for it............. HANG UP ON YOU. The representatives are rude, and difficult to understand. They will cut you off when you speak. I have been going back and forth to get my tickets refunded for about a month now and I am still fighting that battle. I called the airline who was glad to give me my refund, which i am entitled to because my flight was canceled due to covid-19, however they couldn't see the amount to refund back because this agency marked it as special price and was told to call the agency. I called this agency again and was told the request was submitted to the airline and to wait 2 weeks for the refund. 3 weeks later still no refund. I call the airline and the airline confirms the request was never submitted. I call the agency again and held for an hour until I reached a representative. As soon I tell the representative that I am checking on the status of my refund, guess what he does? he hangs up on me! I call again and basically the representative just told me, you are just going to have to wait 3 more weeks and guess what happens next? That's right! he hangs up on me. Long story short, I just lost $2400 to this agency and dont know when I am going to get it back. I am just going to do everything through my attorney. If you just booked with this agency, good luck to you. If you have not please STAY AWAY!!!
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