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Scammed by Amazon

  • by: rt4cleary
  • #93641
  • Mar 30, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $2000.00
Monday March 22, 2021, receive an email from Amazon. Purchase Confirmation expect delvery Wed. March 24, 2021. First instinct was to ignore, replied to email, have made no purchases. Called the service number 1 808 204 8085, talked with Elysia. She informed me that some opened an Amazon Account Credit Card in my name using my SSN. Called back spoke with Cisco Roman, he said the need to block Server IP address. There were additional emails from Amazon com for
with verification codes. They said we will put 2100.00 on your credit card ending in 8458, used in the past to make purchases at Amazon. They sent text message confirming. Asked to purchase four five hundred dollar Target Gift Cards, while in store stay on phone, dont talk to anyone. Purchased the four gift cards, and gave Cisco the information. He then said two of the cards codes were bad, need two more. Claimed they were from Amazon, and this was necessary for blocking codes. I bet If I call back they will say we can reopen your case, have email from Amazon with case number. If you can purchase more gift cards. I am 74 years old, this Ederly Fraud.
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Cisco Roman
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  • by: JANICE
  • #93643
  • Mar 30, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Called and left message on my office phone. Says a shipment is going out to me. Did i make it. i called number back and said i did not make any purchases. He said i placed an order at 8 am this morning (which i did not as my husband and i are packing to move. He wanted more info i did not give any and he hung up his phone.
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Iphone 11

  • by: sue_blake
  • #93650
  • Mar 30, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Got a phone call and told me someone brought a IPhone 11 on my Amazon account. And to get the money back I would have to download the quick support application. And after I told him I sure not have to download any thing that Amazon sure be able to stop the order. And I told him that I would not share my screen with him . He told me that was the only way to get my 699.99 back. I hang up on him. Then I called Amazon and talk to them and no one brought a phone on my account.
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Text from amazon about an order I didn’t make

  • by: salera128
  • #93690
  • Apr 2, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Text saying:

Order Confirmed: Order Shipped #AM8679445 for I Pad Pro 4tg Gen, Amount of $1499 will be deducted from your card. Not you? call us at +18506790663.
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Daily scam text

  • by: KarenLafferty
  • #93698
  • Apr 3, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $0
This is the type i’ve texted I receive daily. I contacted Amazon and this text is not from them. URGENT NOTIFICATION: please confirm the delivery-details for shipment ID: 1174, Sender: AMAZON REWARDS CENTRE:

Fake Amazon scam

  • by: Ndeem1
  • #93721
  • Apr 5, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Received voice mail saying they were Amazon & that I had a charge on my account for 299.00, gave me an order # & asked me to call 1-929-284-2033.
I did not call.
I verified with Amazon that it was not them & they confirmed it was not & there were no charges on my account for this.
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