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Phony amazon hack

  • by: Johninnil
  • #71825
  • May 25, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $800
They called my wife while she was asleep and told her that her Amazon account was hacked and that they could block the hackers if she got a card from dollar store in the amount of $400.00. When she got the card she had to give them the number on the card. After she did that they said that she needed to get another card for $400.00 to block the international hacker. She got that also. Then they said that she needed to get a card for $200 for insurance. All the money was to be returned to her after this was final. I kept telling her this was a scam but she was convinced that it was real. We have heard about this same thing happening to others.
Names reported:
Sam Mason, Connor Smith
Phones reported:
861-741-7962, 509-620-4650

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Trying to access my computer saying he was with Amazon

  • by: Sofiamarie7
  • #73015
  • Jun 6, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I received a recorded message on my home phone saying that there was some unusual activity on my Amazon account. Someone had purchased an IOS phone 11 out of Bakersfield, CA. If I did not order to call this number 1 956 242 6682 to their fraud department. I called the number which was my first mistake and this guy said he was an employee of Amazon and need to access my computer to delete the account that someone had created and used to order products from my account. When I questioned him several times he became irritated and I knew then this was a scam to access all of my personal information. I then proceeded to contact Amazon and they also concurred that they do not contact customers and for me not to give any of my personal information out. Unfortunately these people have my home phone number and probably my address and who knows what else. I'm so tired of this relentless scamming and identify theft that is going on in this country. The government needs to do more something has to be done!
Names reported:
Phones reported:
256-802-1042, 256-242-6682

Amazon order fraud

  • by: shelguler
  • #73249
  • Jun 8, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $5000
received email for said TV costing $5000+ If this is Not my order call the fraud #. I checked my amazon accounts and credit card. Nothing charged but I don't know if I should call the provided fraud #. I just want to know if this is a scam for my info. Thanks.
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Never receive product

  • by: SandraSpeer
  • #73410
  • Jun 10, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $35-8.88
I ordered a finger oxygen machine May 5, 2020. I have received numerous indications that COVID 19 caused the delay in delivery. Finally, I asked for my money back when Amazon gave me the go-ahead. The company is refusing my refund because I have not sent the product back to them. How do I send a product back that I never received? Then, I found over 150+ reviews from people who have been treated in the same manner who have not received refunds. I feel that this company should be investigated for committing fraud, and or introducing a money making scam. People are desperate for these devices because of the virus. Help us, please. Here is the link to Amazon showing the response to my request for my money back... This is the link to the 150+ complaints....
Names reported:
Sherri Long, Mr. R

Scammed by [email protected]

  • by: bvann
  • #73413
  • Jun 10, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $400
Order from amazon :178-5747535-***** totalling 6120.00 going to carter harris **** woodcreek dr birmingham al 35226 . Was preparing to ship . Had to pay money to stop order and stop hackers on account.
Names reported:
Anna Jones
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Dispute amazon charge

  • by: mzfestus
  • #73428
  • Jun 10, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $700.00
My elderly employer that has been doing higher than normal amount of amazon orders do to covid has been receiving calls via a robot that state there is a $700.00 charge to her amazon account and she is to press 1 if she wishes to dispute the charge.
Thankfully she did not press 1 and mentioned it to me. I had her check any account she has used as payment for amazon orders. She found nothing. I helped her check her amazon account for an order of that amount and we found nothing out of the ordinary. I am quite fearful of what would happen if she had pressed 1. I have not been able to find any info on a scam of this type on the internet. If you know what this is please let us know.