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Money was taken out of account and I have no idea how or why

  • by: l3sli3
  • #5859
  • May 4, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $605.06
2/8/16 - $153.29 was taken out of account
3/04/16 - $134.38 was taken out of account
4/04/16 - $152.09 was taken out of account
5/03/16 - $165.30 was taken out of account
I have no idea what the charges are for and are disputing the charges with my bank. After seeing on my bank statement the description (amazon web services I googles the name and it looks like a complete scam even though I never gave my information to this site.
Web/emails reported:

ATTENTION: Consumers who have been contacted by scammers could have had their personal information breached. #REPORTSCAM highly recommends that consumers whose information has been breached obtain identity theft protection service immediately. There are several companies that offer identity theft protection in the US. One of the most inexpensive options we were able to find is the protection offered by LifeLock. You can start your protection here.
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I have been scam by Anne Quill.

  • by: Jtrevino
  • #6623
  • May 17, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $7400
I found a Chevy Traverse 2010 for 3400.00 and Anne Quill sent me the info for me to send money thru Amazon safepay. I sent the 3400.00 and then Amazon Safepay said they needed a 4000.00 insurance to delivery the SUV I sent the money to [email protected] and now they don't want to answer my calls. I called with another number and they hung up on me once they found out it was me. Please help me I got scam with 7400.00.
Names reported:
Anne Quill
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

ComCast scam

  • by: JoyceSchindlbeck
  • #8487
  • Jun 15, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $276.00
Someone from comcast called me that they were having a promotion through amazon for my bill to be $69.00 guaranteed for 2 years. I had to just pay the first 4 months up front. Amazon was just asking the customer to pay that payment using their prepaid card. I was told to go to walgreens & then call them at the 888 901-6479. When the person answer said it was comcast and I gave them the information from the amazon card.
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Hurt & Sham

  • by: hurtdepress16
  • #8719
  • Jun 20, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $1600.00
Went on Craig's list looking for cash car and ran across Jessica Kenner, from there Patrick, and David with amazon auto sales bought and followed spoke with Patrick through email, and on the phone, and David as live chat promise the vehicle would be here and bought five cards and nothing.
Names reported:
Jessica Kenner, Patrick, David
Phones reported:
281-258-8694, 888-997-4732
Web/emails reported:
[email protected], [email protected]

Bogus Amazon 'seller'

  • by: SandyB
  • #9422
  • Jun 28, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $50.00
I ordered mosquito repellent bracelets from this 'company', paid for them but they never arrived. I tried to contact this company but they never replied to my requests. I have tried getting my money back but without success. Do NOT buy from this 'company' on Amazon. They are bogus.
Also reported:
MIscP (Amazon store front)
Names reported:
Sandy Balls

Seller supposedly selling a Kia2013 sorrento for 3800.00

  • by: Tc
  • #9559
  • Jun 30, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $2700
I am at the moment located in Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha. Unfortunately I cannot give you any military proof, my superiors are not messing with my personal transactions. That's why I actually did this procedure through Amazon so you can be protected due to the fact that I am only getting the money after you will approve with the vehicle.No need to be worry, i really understand your concerns because we didn't meet in person to handle this deal.It's a normal feeling to have doubts about somebody that you never see it before.I'm a serious women and I will not risk my freedom for your MONEY .I know how hard is to earn some money in these days but is not the case to OFFEND ME.I want this to be very clear for you, if you don't want to move forward with the process I will understand and I will sell my car to another potential buyers. Believe me, i don`t want to waste time of convincing you to move forward with our transaction, but i think it`s normal to give you some information about our deal. All i can say is that i am a woman of word and i expect you to be the SAME.I would appreciate a clear position regarding our deal.

Yours Sincerely,
Maj. Silvia Morrow
Names reported:
Silvia Morrow
Phones reported:
402-387-5874, 818-850-5425
Web/emails reported:
[email protected], [email protected]