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Dishonest Aircraft Repair Shop

  • by: AMBIBB
  • #48510
  • Jun 9, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I took my aircraft to Auburn California for an inspection that I was quoted $2500. I paid $2000 upfront for the work to be done when I received my final bill it was almost $8300. Confused and not understanding my bill I decided to inquire with some friends and some other aircraft mechanics on there take of the bill, their professional experience lead them to inform me that I was being duped. After calling the Federal Aviation Administration they informed me that it has been a known fact that they from time to time get complaints of mechanics in Auburn California padding the bill. After I sat and reviewed the bill thoroughly I noticed that the bill has been padded, work that took an hour was charge for four hours parts that were ordered were never used but charged for. When I confirm that Nick shop owner and a mechanic he got mad and started asking if I’m telling him how to run his company in which I was not. When I left I came back to get my logbooks which I asked if I gave him $500 more would he give me my logbooks back he said yes. The next day I drove out of my way up to the airport with a cashiers check in exchange for my logbook after handing him the cashiers check he refused to give me the logs so after I left I mediately put stop payment on the cashiers check. I spoke with an attorney and they told me that he cannot hold my logbooks, my personal property hostage for payment and that I should call the police department. After speaking with law-enforcement they reached out to Nick and told him that he had to surrender my logbooks that it was considered Theft if he did notSo the following day we meet at the police department will he gives me my love and I am formed him that due to his actions The day before I place a stop payment on the cashiers check shortly after leaving airport on that day, he said nothing. The following day as I was leaving the Military Exchange where I’m privileged to shop due to being a 100% service-connected disabled Army Veteran I received a message from law-enforcement telling me I committed a crime so later that day I drove to the police department only find out that Nick was deceitful,After trying to be brought to me by padding a bill and not getting his way he then tries to proceed with criminal charges by giving pieces of information and not the whole story that was clearly show as what will the law-enforcement sees now as a civil issue. after trying to be deceitful by padding a bill and not getting his way he then tries to proceed with criminal charges by giving pieces of information and not the whole story to law-enforcement. After speaking with the sergeant he informed me that the Police Department has no interest in it because it is a civil issue not a criminal.
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