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Stingray That Never Got Delivered

  • by: KingBee
  • #51079
  • Sep 11, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $500
I ordered a Freshwater Stingray from from a person who called himself Vu. I found his website on the internet. Most of our conversation was done through text messaging and once in a while Vu would call. He would not pick up when I call, but he would call me back. I gave Vu my American Express credit card as payment for the stingray and shipping. $500. Vu told me the card did not go through. I called American Express and they told me nobody has tried to make a transaction. (I should have known here) Vu told me he tried again to no avail. He asked if it was possible for me to get an Amazon Gift Card as payment instead. And that is what I did. Needless to say, but the stingray fish I ordered never was delivered to me. And the shipping company that Vu used, is part of the scam. I will report this company's fraud as well, because this was part 2 of the fraud and scam that happened to me. Expensive lesson of fraud learned !
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