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  • by: Leilamesdaghi
  • #58127
  • Apr 23, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $4350
After I opened an account and transferred about $6000 from other credit cards I received a phone call from someone who knew about my new account and the amount I transferred. They knew I had a 0% interest and what the interest rate would be after the promotion ended. They sounded legit and convincing. They knew about all my other credit cards and told me that they will combine all my debt and provide a low or 0 interest rate all in one card. The cost was close to $4000 and I was told that I will get it back. They also sent me a verification code! After I hung up I became suspecioos abs looked up there name and called the number I found online. They company, which I don’t remember now, says they would never call to recruit customers so that’s when I called Barkley and told them to stop such payment. The payment was pending and they agreed. I have the email I sent them stating the scam as well. I trusted them after reposting the fraud and kept making auto payments. Today I went to check my balance and was shocked to see the $4000 charge. I called and argued the matter but they insisted that it was an authorized transaction. After going through few departments they provided a phone number to where the payment was sent. My complain is that they did not protect me and my identity by sending the payment I had already reported as fraud, and allowing my I formation to be released to the scammers. And after all they insist that it was an authorized transaction, even though I did not have an account with Capital Bank or something like that. The number to where my payment was sent is 2673297621.
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