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I was scammed

  • by: Swatson0930
  • #42362
  • Nov 27, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
The website states you get commission off of web traffic. You can only request a payout at $300, but once my earnings reached that amount I wasn't able to successfully claim my earnings.
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Can't Withdraw Earned Funds

  • by: A.M.
  • #42243
  • Nov 25, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $3300
I was told to visit this site and have others click on my referral link to earn money via advertisement. I was able to earn $3300+ on the site but I cannot withdraw funds although it says if you reach a minimum of $300 you are eligible to withdraw funds. I am very upset because I spent my time really putting in work and advertising for this site.
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Does Not Payout

  • by: Jb1N
  • #42229
  • Nov 24, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
You are instructed to send a LINK and have people click on it. With every click you receive $10.00.
I sent this Link to Groups of Contacts.
They earned over the necessary amount and was later told to download apps to receive rewards. Even after downloading they were still unable to Cash Out. This Site is embarrassing!
Especially when someone feels like their helping!
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I have been scammed

  • by: Ddaigre1
  • #41913
  • Nov 19, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $525
The app tells you to do advertise the website and they pays you for advertising and they will send you a check i couldn’t withdraw my money
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