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I have been scammed by ticketmaster employee

  • by: Staubs
  • #23468
  • Jan 17, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $130.00
I call about purchasing three tickets for me and my two grandsons to go see smackdown live in Memphis Tn. on the 17th of Jan. they sent me three tickets to WWE raw for the 16 the smackdown came to Memphis on the 17th of Jan. when my wife ran them off the computer we notice they was for little rock we're three hours from there and there no way for us to travel that far in two and a half hours from where we live did not know until the 17th they was the wrong tickets we call them and they said we agreed for them tickets we didn't agreed they said they would give me 25.00 back and for me to go by new tickets then they told me they weren't affiliated with the FedEx forum so they should have to give my money back but they said no this really hurt this grandkid that they could go it would have been the first time.
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Using local info to misrepresent the seller

  • by: slugger
  • #62364
  • Sep 11, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $198.00
I went on line to find the Fox Theater Box Office in Tucson to purchase tickets for an event at the Tucson Theater. When I found the site it looked like the Fox info. Same Logo they use and I am familiar with the theater as I have been there often. It shows upcoming events, etc/ So I called the number shown and purchased 5 tickets and when I get my credit card statement the cost is $385 and if I had purchased them from the actual Fox theater they would have been $187. And in the meantime I had not received a confirmation or the tickets. I had been told they would come the next day by FedEX. I was out of town then so did not know there were no tickets till I got back. I asked for a refund and cancellation and was told no. In talking with the real Fox theater I was told that I unfortunately got on a web site that looks like the Fox web site but is another sales outfit. I feel they are using tactics to fool the buyer and then getting an outrageous increase in the ticket price. I know "Buyer Beware" but this cheating behavior.
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