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Do not sign up for a job about wrapping your car without advertisements from Rush energy drink or dr. Pepper energy drinks.

  • by: Rushwrapscam
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  • Jun 6, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $411
I filled out a form online that said they would pay me $400 every two weeks to let them wrap my car with this Rush energy drink so they sent me a check for $2,099.55 and told me to deposit it into my bank that they had a tracer on the check so not to try to cash it at any cash stores now I'm seeing the same add but now they're saying they're paying $800 every two weeks for the same deal Rush energy drink also I found another one with the same numbers and information for dr. Pepper energy drinks so once I deposited the check as I was instructed by text they will tell you not to call to this number to deposit the check into my account later I tried to use my card and it was declined so I went to my online banking and I was negative in my account so somehow they thank God only got the $411 because that's all the bank would clear at the time but they put a hold on it immediately because of what happened so I'll give it to Wells Fargo man they're great about keeping an eye on your account so it is under investigation by my bank they told me that they would handle it and they would get back to me to see if the check clears in the meantime they would be trying to contact the company that the check was written on I have copies of the envelope with the address also the letter they sent me with my instructions on it.
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Cathrine Brene
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catherinewrf [email protected]

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