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I have been scammed buy a supposed cash app customer service representative

  • by: Crimsonhydez
  • #70717
  • May 12, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $9250.00
Today my unemployment in stimulus cash or directly deposited into my cash app account, Ione two cash app accounts one is my main and I use the other as my sub. Today the money hit and I wanted to transfer money from one account to the other, so I sent $1,000 to my other account, at this point I got a verification of identification error which canceled the transaction and put a hold on my account, so then I went on the Google and search for cash app customer service phone number I received the phone number in called, the phone rang and automated computer answered and said please hold while we connect you to the next customer service representative, then an Indian gentleman answer the phone and ask me my issue, I told him what was going on and I needed the verification error taken out so I can transfer money. He then informed that I needed to download a program so he was able to assist me in removing the verification error Tama so I went to the app store as I was advised downloaded the specific app which allowed him through my IP address to view what I was doing on my phone, he guided me through a bunch of steps, then let me to the tab which had all my funds on it oh, he had me add a bank account so I did, at this point he told me that I needed to transfer my funds into that bank account so we could reset the verification error, thinking that I was speaking to a customer service representative of cash app, I did what the gentleman told me, next the gentleman had Mira move my email address, my phone number, then added an email address that he gave me. He kept putting me on hold telling me to be patient as I was becoming irate and nervous feeling as if I got scammed, he kept telling me to calm down no worries everything will be fixed in a few minutes just be patient, as time went by I became more irate and asked if I could speak to a customer supervisor so you could assist me with my issue, at this point the gentleman told me call the phone number and ask to speak to a customer service representative supervisor and then hung up. At this point I realized that I just lost $9,200 of my life savings.
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Scammed by cash app 8552838180

  • by: Sbaby93
  • #70941
  • May 16, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $340.00
I checked my wright patt credit union account where it said cash app took $100 and sent to to myself I had an old cash app account that I closed like a week or so ago and at that time I created a new cash app account the cash app names are very similar except my recent one has 2 numbers after it. Anyway I call my bank let them know that I did not authorize that and so they closed that card and are issuing me another. They told me to contact cash app to see if there is anything they could do on their end to refund the money. I just want to cry I’m so upset this never happen to me before. So I google cash app and found that number I talked to some foreign man who said I needed to put nothing less than 200 on my account apparently my account wasn’t linked to it or something which is strange because I sent $25 to a friend a few days ago but anyway so I did not have the funds to cover kept denying it so he said is there a friend or family member that could send me $120 and then I’d refund back in 5 minutes so I asked my friend she sent the money no questions asked so he asked me to download some support viewer app which once you do that they basically have access to the same screens you’re looking at so he told me go to my bank account that the old cash app was linked to to show where the 100 was taken from which I did And he said please hold a few minutes so I can do my work on my end he says okay so I’m going to send the $120 to this account which he said isn’t his personal account just to have to try and fix the problem I said okay but I need to pay my friend back he said I know don’t worry don’t worry your friend will get her money back I said could I speak to manager please he said please hold and then he said what is your email address and phone number which I gave and he said he will be calling you back shortly I said okay so a few minutes later a mark calls and said I need to go to Walmart or somewhere and purchase a secure card with about $250 on it so I would be able to get my $100 originally taken ..and the $120 all back and refunded I said I can’t go to store my husbands at work until the evening they said oh and paused and said okay well when he gets home give me a call back which he then provided this number 2057757441 and said it was a personal number so basically now I’m out of $340 I’m just thankful I had enough in my account to pay my friend back through zelle instead but still $leonelross09 was his cash app name. Man I’m so upset and reading all of your comments assured me I’m just lost the money
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855-283-8180, 205-775-7441

Cash Refund Scam

  • by: Wronged
  • #71597
  • May 22, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $720.00
I accidentally sent $180 to the wrong person earlier this morning. I was trying to send it to my aunt for an emergency. In an attempt to reach cash app I got this number from google 18549774647. I was told they were tech support and they would refund my money if I put down a security deposit of $720 and that the full $900 would come back to me. At first they said to just add it to the cash app account and they were sending a referral code to refund me then after they took my money they disconnected. The cash app name $crystalwhile $720 the wrong person cash app was $pamb7274 $180 . This has put me in a worse Finacial bind and I can’t afford food and rent because of it and my little cousin is left at a truck stop because of all of this in another city. This is wrong
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I have been scammed

  • by: Sydb
  • #72772
  • Jun 4, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $500
I have been scammed by cash app they will not refund me any of my money also I text them and I have been emailing them so I’ve been talking to two separate people
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[email protected]

I have been scammed by the app called Cashapp.

  • by: Thak
  • #73326
  • Jun 9, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $680.00
They insist on me paying $100 more and more to verify my account but it never worked and my money is still pending and didn’t go through my account. I’m losing a lot of money and I don’t know if I’ll get it back. I really need the money.
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[email protected]

Cash app

  • by: jennygotscammed
  • #76590
  • Jul 8, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $1784.09
I called cash app because of a balance discrepancy and they wanted to screen share on my phone to help with the issue
I downloaded the app they asked me to use and they were in my phone next thing i know my bank is alerting me of fraudulent charges so i hang up i was on hold. I called my bank and they said they stopped the charges obviously they didn’t stop them because they drained my bank account all of it and then the gave me the $ back did a fraud investigation and then they said that they want to close the case and they think i emptied my own account ok so who got all my $ really where is it
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