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Jonathan Schlossberg

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I have been scammed my jonathan schlossberg

  • by: jackson01
  • #53277
  • Jan 2, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $9000
Jonathan schlossberg created a website circle society which he played like he fidnt create but he lead a group of 228 members into believing we would invest our bitcoin into an exchange and in 18 days we would receive 88% back he first set it up were, for 77 dollars in bitcoin in he paid our 181 dollars back in bitcoin then he built up trust that way he said bumped up the minimum amount allowed then promised in 18 days we would get back 88 percent when the 18 days came he said there going to roll it over into another 19 day plan now this is without our permission after that every week there was a new excuse for instance the sight is too congested needs qn update after that the bitcoins were stuck in kucoins exchange which he then claimed needing kyc six months later we havent received our investment back he claims he isnt a part of the ponzi scheme he still has the website open collecting peoples money
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Jonathan Schlossberg
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David Saffron is a Con Man / Scam

  • by: BurnedInvestor
  • #59165
  • May 14, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $90000
He promises outlandish returns from a bitcoin trading algorithm but he is nothing more than a con artist. He promises high returns on investments, but never pays up. He has had a number of companies: Circle Society, Omnicom Trust, Bitcoin Wealth Management. Now it is rumored he is working on The Golden Life. Any way he names it, it is al a scam.

He might pay for a little while to build confidence, but that sucks you in to invest more, then he stops paying due to some lame excuse and that is it. He never pays again. I know people waiting weeks, months and years to get their investment back, but he doesn't pay. He is a Scam. Don't lose your money.

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Scammed by David Saffron at

  • by: full_of_regret
  • #59267
  • May 16, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $15000
On his site, David promises big returns in little time for your bitcoin investment. Once he has your coin, it's gone. You will hear excuse after excuse, month after month, about why he can't pay you right now. It is a scam! He has done this before under different names, e.g. Bitcoin Wealth Management. STAY AWAY

Added by full_of_regret on May 20, 2019 09:51 EDT

Forgot to mention that he runs a Telegram group for news and discussion. He goes by Techman or Techman2020 as well as having various CS_Support accounts. The Telegram group is just for feeding out all the excuses about why payments aren't coming over and over again.

Names reported:
David Gilbert Saffron
Web/emails reported: