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I luckily escaped this Pet Scammer

  • by: DoNotTrustShipping
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  • Oct 8, 2017
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I contacted a man named Norman Paker George on a puppy he had posted for rehoming. I have just learned he is located in Virginia and constantly tries to post on craigslist in extremely far cities. His main plan is posting rehoming puppy posts for very cheap price. He will insist on shipping and on the day of shipping he will send you to a website called saying that is the shipping agency he will be using. DO NOT trust that website. Here is a list of what I have found suspicious about him and his supposed shipping agency.
1: The number of his previous "client" is actually in a city close to him
2: I found his number on saying he is in Wisconsin.
3: Coincidentally the website Cogen Logistics was created about the same time he set up that ad
4: Cogen Logistics has had next to 0 website traffic. For an international company this is extremely suspicious.
5: Cogen Logistics' main office is an empty office available for lease in Virginia.
6: Cogen Logistics' website does not allow source code viewing. Something that even extremely big companies and government agencies do not do.
7: The biggest factor of all, Cogen Logistics ONLY accepts payment through Western Union, a payment method that is infamous for being used by scammers. It has even been warned on various sites that this method is untrustworthy.
8: Cogen Logistics seem to only have one agent named "Alex" who sounds suspiciously like him with the same thick indian accent.

When I confronted him on all these issues, he refused to respond. Even sometimes asking for proof such as certificate of the dog and a picture with him holding the date with the dog was angrily denied or ignored. Someone else has also complained here about him posting about beagles as well. He gave me pictures and videos that cannot be reversed image search on the internet which made his story very convincing. The pictures seem to all be taken at the same time of day despite us asking for it on different weeks when the puppy is at the same age. I will post some here in case someone else meets this man. If the following pictures are your's then you should probably be aware that someone is using them to scam others.
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Norman Paker George
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