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Keegan Stockwood

Lev Rosenberg

Emmanuel Logan

Stuart Cooper


Crytocurrency scam

  • by: anith1957
  • #57247
  • Apr 6, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $966
I asked to withdraw my money from a cryptocurrency trading website amounting 966US$ back to my bank account in LAOS . I made a request more than 10 days ago and got the answer that the process has started but till no transfer until now
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Withdrawal question not answered

  • by: Fred1966
  • #60296
  • Jun 19, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $750
A view months ago i started trading at coins247. It started with €250- and they talk me in to deposit another €500-. After a view weeks i wanted to stop trading and withdraw my deposit of €750-. I try to contact them several times but they hardly answer my mails. Finally they answered my mails and gave me a call. I got a different manager and he would help to withdraw my money. But first he told me to do another trading and then the withdrawal. Het did the trading for me and then it happened. They told me it was a bad trade and al my money was lost. Of course i believe in the goodness of people, but this smells for me like a big scam.
Names reported:
Keegan Stockwood, Emanuel Logan
Web/emails reported:

Coins247 ( is a vile and hideous scam -The Facts.

  • by: Deryck
  • #62909
  • Oct 7, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $22,000
I am 70 years old and retired. I built up a little nest egg, just in case my pension and benefits needed a boost to cover some unforeseen expense. I had crypto currencies as well as a credit card. These amounted to a total of =/- £22,000.00 GBP.
As the banks do not offer any real interest % for savings, I started researching various ways to make my little nest egg work for me. Coins247 appeared to offer exactly what I was looking for viz. trading in crypto currencies.
I deposited £250.00 into Coins247i.o accounts that triggered a phone call from Keagan Stockwood (Senior Analyst) who gave me the sales pitch. He convinced me that all was above board and under guidance with his hand withdrew £2500 cash from my crypto currency savings, £ 1750 from my credit card and +/- £18,000 by wire transfer all deposited into the account opened with Coins 247. In return for this I was given a £22,000 Coins247 bonus, a VIP account with 1:4 leverage. A copy of my deposits is available if you wish to validate these facts.Within days of my deposit and bonus receipt, I was phoned by Emmanuel Logan who conned me into 3 hot trades £8.000 each. Within minutes I suffered a £24,000 loss. It was deemed my fault as I pressed the buttons on the keyboard. I suffer ed loses on my account from all trades that were advised by Coins247. The trades I made myself prevented me from absolute wipe out for months, because I eventually prevented Coins 247 analysts from trading on my Account During this period various persons, including, , W Ahmed Walled, Stuart Cooper, Lev Rosenberg and a few others tried their best to get me to deposit a further £5.000 ‘to recover my losses and make heaps of money. I had by this time wised up a bit from my earlier stupidity, that I am ashamed of, and told them that I would recover my account by myself. Their advice turned out to be a deliberate strategy to steal money in your account and break you, to extort more money. In the meantime, they dropped my leverage from 1.4 to 1:2 and widen the spread, between the buying and selling price, on the Crypto’s I was trading, which increased the investment risk and making it difficult to make any profit I subsequently found out that Coins 247 designed the trading platform and changed the algorithms regularly to suit themselves. In this regard the amount reflected in your account plus their bonus was fictitious money as they had already spent your deposit before you started trading This was revealed every time, I tried to make a withdrawal. I found out that the bonus given, that I did not ask for had strings attached. That was that I had to trade up to £60million equity before I could withdraw any profits. I was only £18m currently. I still do not know how this works, so I could never have agreed to this, unless it was in the ‘fine print’. All Coins247 communications means, registration authorities, banks e-mails and telephone numbers cannot be traced back to source unless you have specialised police equipment and means. I am not only doing it for myself but hope that exposing these scams will save a lot of people from the trauma that these scams create.
Names reported:
Keegan Stockwood, Lev Rosenberg, Emmanuel Logan, Stuart Cooper
Web/emails reported:, [email protected], [email protected]

I have been scammed by coins247

  • by: Collinsgermany
  • #63877
  • Nov 7, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $3800
I invested 1500 Euro, and later aggreviated to 3800 Euro. I now requested for 1500 to be paid on my Bank account. They never said no untill one day one worker (Jay) came online to trade with me before the payment of the requested 1500 Euro. He now trade with the whole 3800 Euro at a time and said it would be doubled or tripple. To my greatest surprise as i was watching the transaction on the Trade platform in less than one hour the whole money turned to Zero Euro. He promised to call next day, over one week nobody calls untill i started writing series of E-Mails until someone called me again after about 2 weeks and told me to invest again to regain their company loss and my personal money, then i now told them i would not do that.
Names reported:
Sean Morgan, Mohammed, Shiuvan Telford, Jay Rosenberg
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Web/emails reported:
[email protected]