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Romance scam

  • by: Rascal
  • #56349
  • Mar 15, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $1500.00
My name is XXXXXXXXX . I am 71 years old and live in the Hinton Va area. I have been in a relationship with Ana g- mail profilerin Accra , Guana. This is a Relationship that has went on for 1 year and a half. I met him first on FBand they took hopim off for one reason or another.. I have sent him money for different situations . I have talk to him on the phone several times. I am sickly and have had a back operation and a knee replacement since texting him. I go to Walmart , here on 42 to get a money graham, but some weeks back money graham wouldn’t put it through. I need answers , and would appreciate if you can check him out. I have no family , just 2 sons and a granddaughter . I was just just checked by Charleston police deparment for trying to set up,a account for my nephew who is in jail there. I was wanting to put money into his account for his needs. Yesterday I got the ok on that. I only saw him a a small boy and that was years ago. Today I watched Dr. Phil and he put your address out there.So here I am..Would you please help me. . It would be much appreciated. You may check information or text messages.
Names reported:
Michael Cook
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Dave Jonas Brooks

  • by: Nomorepof
  • #56333
  • Mar 15, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $250
Met him from a dating site. He said he was a pilot and lived abbey brooks court, charlotte,north carolina. Messaged and was likeable. Said he flew to Florida, then switzerland, then australia with layover in Mumbai india. Then messaged he was hit by a car in the hospital. Please this man is a smooth scammer. Said ex wife’s name was Nora and he had lived in San Antonio, San jacinto California and Charlotte
Names reported:
Dave Jonas Brooks

Trying to scam on POF

  • by: KittyKat2019
  • #56316
  • Mar 14, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I've been having conversations with a person that says he is a doctor in the US and reserves by the name of Sebastian Wout through his hangouts I have not met him but he is all ready professing his love for me. Did a reverse image today and found that this is not who I'm talking to. He is using a Doctor's image from the web. He says he had just been reassigned to Syria(#$%@!). Just put his pic in and more will come up.
Names reported:
Sebastian Wout

Online boyfriend asked for money

  • by: Spiders2web
  • #56167
  • Mar 9, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $200.00$
Online dating site he moved me to Hangout ‘s app
We have been texting for 2 months I sent him ITunes cards now he wants 200.00&
Told him to find another fool also he says he is on An Oil Rig in London and can’t do FaceTime and can’t come to me because of his contract which is never ending!!! When I mention it he makes excuses about how much longer and he can’t leave and must fin his contract I not send him the money and told him to find another fool because he broke my heart with say he was by to marr me and all kinds of sex talk also !!!
Names reported:
Micheal W Thompson
Phones reported:

SD scammer

  • by: Tbaby15
  • #55995
  • Mar 5, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $800
His name is Anthony Soopal, he claims to work for Quality Control Records and claims to be good friends with Lil Yachty (he is listed as a writer on his song All In). He will claim that he wants to pay your bills, but all payments will return and not go through. He claims that all he wants is oral and a companion, but all he wants is to scam you. I know for a fact that he goes between Las Vegas and Atlanta. His phone number is (678) 464-7573, his name is sunset007. Also goes by Tony. He lives at XXXXX Ramrod Ave. HE WILL BLOCK YOU ONCE YOU START ASKING TOO MANY QUESTIONS AND START ASKING FOR PAYMENT. He will also ask for your bank account info...
Names reported:
Anthony Soopal
Phones reported:

I have been scammed by Boeh Williams

  • by: clifffowler1948
  • #55983
  • Mar 4, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $8000
March 4, 2019

I met Boeh Williams on a internet dating sight on October 2018. He claimed to have inherited his fathers portion of a family business. This business took him to foreign countries, and Africa in particular (nigeria). Boehs residence in in Memphis, Tennessee, 38103-886. 118 Harbor Isle Circle South.
Initially we exchanged pleasantries and developed a friendship and soon it developed into a long distance relationship. (Although we have never meet in person). He was smooth and wonderful with the right words at the right time and so he gained my confidence and my trust. We chatted daily on the internet or spoke to each other on the cell phone. He has a n accent claiming he was born and spent time in Sweden.
He was on a business trip to Africa eluded to me that he h ad come across a great deal and had purchased some good at a great price
while still in Africa he asked if he could use my address to send the gold from Africa to the USA to my residence. Boeh said he only trusted me to receive his shipment since he would probably still be in Africa when the shipment got to its destination. I agreed seeing no harm in helping him out with that. Then days later, Boeh told me he needed financial help to pay customs fees and delivery company
Charges and that he didn't have access to his bank account in Memphis.
I loaned him ,several different times ,money to take care of the fees. Often too, he would request iTunes and Amazon gift cards since some way he could convert them into cash, he said. Something involving Bitcoins???
The name of the delivery company is "Expressworld Delivery Co.
The delivery company would upon occasion contact me to into Boeh about the status of the package.
As time elapsed Boeh and I became closer and he told me that he would be able to support us both comfortably if we stayed together.
The parcel arrived in the USA and became delayed in Washington D.C. By customs. Customs needed Boehs signature on specific documents to allow the package to continue to Kentucky. Boeh ended up becoming sick and had to be admitted to a hospital in Memphis for 2 weeks.the delivery company became uncooperative and turned the package over to customs and the CHi became involved and tagged the package as money laundering. The delivery company stated Boeh could obtain a U.N. Attorney and they had contacts with one by the name of Sonja Holland,whom the delivery company said could get all this package issue cleared up in 3 days for a few of $12,000 dollars.
Boeh then began pressing me to come up with $7,000 dollars since all he could get was $5,000. I didn't have that kind of money and I told Boeh that fact.Then a a few hours later, I received and email from an FYI Avnet by the name of Anthony Armstrong, who I would face being arrested if we (Boeh and myself) didn't satisfy the delivery company's document request and this could not be satisfactorily the U.N. Attorney. Arrest be be forthcoming.
I have been drawn into this situation blindsided and have yet to meet Boeh Williams face to face.I am guilty of trusting someone who happened to be a scammer, I feel.
Names reported:
Boeh Williams
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]