Dating Scams

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Eva Amy aka Michael Fredrico Walker 810-366-9162

  • by: tlcm
  • #47648
  • May 17, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Widow Widower Widowed scam

Asking for money that they say will pay back at a later date. Contact made thru Widow Support Groups.

May make request to meet in a desolate area. Beware...

Using different names or may be a team
Eva Amy
Michael Fredrico Walker
Haines City Florida reported as the home residence

819-366-9162 There phone number is in a Northern Suburb of Detroit / Deckerville
Names reported:
Eva Amy, Michael Fredrico Walker
Phones reported:

Sweetheart Scam

  • by: Anne0021
  • #47592
  • May 15, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $8,000
This guy found my profile on Instagram. After months of texts, phone calls, and round the clock talking managed to scam me out of thousands of dollars. Claimed to be a widower with a young daughter, played on the fact I was a single mom. Promised a wonderful life, said he was a civil engineer and independent contractor who travels internationally. After taking my money, tries to get me to hand over all account access to my cell phone provider. After contact pressure from him I finally said no, it will not happen. Endless promises, ended up catching this person bold faced lying. He has since disappeared.
Names reported:
Derrick Pavla Columbus
Phones reported:
914-406-4302, 414-885-5466
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Triple dip

  • by: skeeter
  • #47560
  • May 14, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $000
Mary friend requested me. I confirmed. The next day we chatted. The next day we chatted on hangout. Then she said she wanted to marry me. The next day she had her dad contact me. (pretty sure it was her also). Then she friend requested me as Jant Pauline. Today her (dad) contacted me asking for help for the hospital his mom's in. Needed $$$$$. Then Mary contact's me asking the something. I figured early that it was gonna go like this. So I kept all chats.
Names reported:
Mary Jane

I have been scammed for Nathan

  • by: Flavinha125
  • #47521
  • May 12, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I did not get to be a real victim, since from the first contact with me I was already with a foot behind, he identified with Nathan Dan Landon told me that he was only son and would be widower and father of a boy is a civil engineer and this in Damascus Syria) since July 2017 by holding a military service and then began to speak of eternal love and asked me for $ 40,000.00 to pay the millionaire contract to Oman and I was winding up for her, only seeing where she was going to arrive, These were his words to me yesterday 10/05/2018 I had told you from the start when you were saying that if you will still love you or if you are not able to help and I told you boldly that if you are remarkable help me that you should forget me, you do not for the past 10 months without being able to make one deposit and come here give me crap justice excuses or other things ... of nonsense from the so call deposit too much ... You are a dullard and it a I do not waste time on mother fuckers like you
Names reported:
Anthony William, Jerry Jacob, Nathan Dan Landon

Scams your heart

  • by: Josh70596
  • #47509
  • May 11, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $30.00
I received a request on Facebook which included some of my friends I accepted And we began to chat he sent me some photos of him than his son he asked me to send pictures of me and my family. In time I did. He told me his wife died in a plane crash he son was in a boarding school. He even gave me his email for me to write to him. Thing were going great he told me who he worked for where he was from. And he started having feelings for me. Then he said he didn’t like Facebook. Asked me to set up hangout. I did and we began to chat after about two months. He asked if I can send his son 1280.00 I explained I didn’t have it. He got furious told me he never loved me leave him alone. So I did. Than a month down the road he sent an email apologizing for the way he acted I was ok talking back to hangout. Well it took only 3 weeks for him to start chatting again. He apologized said he was so sorry. He said he loves me and can’t live without me so the next couple of months he was great making plans when he retires. Then didn’t hear from him for couple of weeks when he chatted again he later asked me for some I tune cards so he can update some of his apps. I sent 10.00 and than twenty dollars again he understood that was all I had. The chat went on for another few weeks then he told me he was worried about his son Carlson his phone is broken and so is his laptop he asked me to look up prices for phone and computer. I told him about 2000.00 dollars Than by the next day he asked me to lend it to him. I told him I had no money I have told you that before than his temper started rising. He asked me to try to get a loan I called my friend a banker he said he couldn’t loan me 100 than he ran a report oh my three different names so many photo spam sights with photos he sent me. I was so upset I told him I fact sent everything to him I told him he can’t play with peoples feelings that he destroyed my life he broke my heart the lies how could he do this this will break his sons heart and if he goes to jail he son would be alone I told him I would take care of him. Never answered then he threaten me with his attorney. I told him I ahmad attorneys that he has to prove to me That these spans are not him that he is not involved in this spam. After he told me to delete everything he hated me he never loved me are plan to see me never heard from him again.
Names reported:
Donald Mark
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Been scammed by ghana

  • by: Lmw0602
  • #47485
  • May 10, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $640.00
I met this guy, Everrete Wilfredo. Seen like a nice person. So we chatted for a while. Then he told me about this story how he worked in Turkey and they had an explosion and they owe him money. Well, I felt sorry for him and I sent some money for his plane ticket. Then when I could not come up with the rest of the money they wanted is when they started threading me and tell me they were going to ruin my life.
Names reported:
Everrete Wilfredo
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]