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Hurricane Michael Victim

  • by: RhondaMarie
  • #52075
  • Nov 4, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $8000
My fiancee and I did not get evacuated for hurricane Michael this past 10-10-18. We were there for the eye of the storm. After 4 days without power, water and food, my mother managed to get up a $200 loan so we could leave the situation and leave Florida. The shelter we went to was destroyed. FEMA requires us both back for some investigation as if they can't see what is in front of them. This agency appointed by whomever is not a good agency. My file was sent back as well as my fiancee. We must restart the process all over again. With my social security check that did come weeks later, we had to repay, folks, get temporary shelter and gas and food. We made the trip back to Florida at least we got to Alabama, mind you a $400 round trip, only to be told our applications were sent back. My fiancee a diabetic now just wasted money and are unsure how to get his insulin. We have gotten no help. FEMA wasted our time, money and were doing all this across states, with free phones, no internet or little, no money, gas, and no access to his medication. We have no where in Florida to stay, the house I was at the landlord are repairing to re-rent and could not meet with FEMA in our stead. They truly want ones who barely escaped the lives to go back into the aftermath. Governor Scott s by should pay out of his pocket since he did not evacuate us, in hre middle of two counties.
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