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Website/emails: www.ebay.com
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Scammed out of motorhome

  • by: Allensworth
  • #45765
  • Feb 26, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $2,000
I sent 2000.00$ of eBay gift cards to buy motorhome to eBay motors to pay for it as directed by eBay motors paperwork telling me how do the transaction,after completing this i received email verified they got the money transaction completed.24hours later I received email that I need to send 1500.00$ more for insurance before they will ship it.paper work showed it has insurance with free shipping.i got but scrdwed
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]_custo­mer_purchase.com

Trying sell golf thru ebay

  • by: Tsuttles
  • #44903
  • Jan 21, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Hi again,

I decided to explain you how the transaction works in a single mail, so read this email carefully in order for you to understand the transaction. We will use only eBay to close the transaction.The golf cart is in eBay custody at their shipping company sealed with all the papers in Omaha NE. The shipping is free because i supposed to ship the golf cart to another buyer, then he told me that he doesn't have money to pay for it. He already paid the shipping charges. The total amount that you will pay is $1200. The payment will be handled by eBay and they will keep the money on hold until the end of the testing period. This way we can both be protected and insured. You will receive the golf cart in 48 hours depending of your location and you will have the chance to inspect it for 5 days. During the inspection period you can test the golf cart or go with it at your local mechanic for inspection. The golf cart will be delivered directly to your requested address as soon as eBay will have the payment confirmation from you. If by any reason you find something you don't like about it you can send it back at my expense and eBay will send you a full refund. I'm sure it won't be the case because the golf cart is in excellent condition.

For more info on how it works, I can ask eBay to send you an email with more details on how to buy it. They will as soon as have your personal details. If you would like to receive the email from eBay Motors with all the transaction information, please reply with your whole name, full shipping address zip code and phone # so I can notify eBay that you are selected my possible buyer and they will contact shortly.

Thank you!
Names reported:
Kellie Bennett
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Fake yeezy boost 350 blue tint

  • by: Jeff123
  • #44768
  • Jan 16, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $280
I contacted this seller threw eBay for a pair of size 8 blue tint yeezys that he purchased at foot locker witch was a lie, we agreed on the price of 280 and the transaction began half to secure the sneaker and the other half when the shoe ships. When I received the sneakers they where fake and he wouldn’t refund me the money and even stoped answering the phone.
Names reported:
Gianni Louis
Phones reported:

I have been scammed by Michelle Johnson.

  • by: Mister78
  • #43927
  • Dec 18, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $2,500
On Dec. 8th, I answered an advertisement online re: the sale of a 2003 Jeep Wrangler for $1,500. The seller, Michelle Johnson, told me she was selling it through the e-bay Buyer's Protection Plan - ebay Motors ([email protected]). E-bay e-mailed me on their letterhead saying that I had to pay $1,000 for shipping insurance - totaling $2,500. Then on delivery day e-bay said that the car had been delayed by customs and that I had to pay $1,000 more. I e-mailed Michelle Johnson ([email protected]) back saying that paying customs on something that is coming from inside the U.S. was illegal and I wasn't going to send any more e-bay cards. Michelle Johnson has a record in other states of scamming people. Can you help stop this criminal?
Names reported:
Michelle Johnson
Web/emails reported:
[email protected] [email protected]­com

I have been scammed

  • by: Cati33
  • #43614
  • Dec 14, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $1,820
No more reply to my emails after receiving the money for the car. Then they sent me an email saying I'm obligated to pay for the shipping costs insurance of 1500 more dollars on top of what i already had sent
Names reported:
Paula Hines, Kelly Clark
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Scammed by Lisa Hayes

  • by: Finest1
  • #43441
  • Dec 11, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
2003 Toyota truck 4X4 four door 84,000 miles for $2,000. Wanted me to go through eBay. Will send e-mails.
Names reported:
Lisa Hayes
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]