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Resume.com stole my money!

  • by: doggie
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  • May 15, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $39.95
I went online looking for sample resume it offered sample for 4.95 i did the sample it said it would be good for 4 day then week later i find out they took 39.95 from my account without authorization and im not the only one looked for a number to call found a site with a lot of angry customers. The customers are saying the same thing took money from them no way to contact this company all it gives is something to contact tech support in form of email. cant even get back to the original window where the 4.95 is offered. all i have is proof from my cc.
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Something didn't feel right

  • by: lawrod
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  • May 16, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I got an email from Mark Harrison saying that my resume had been reviewed "by the appropriate department" and that I was selected for an online interview with the interview manager. At first, I thought it was legit because I'm unemployed and have sent out a bunch of resume, but then the red flags started popping up. First, there was no company address, just a gmail address. Second, they didn't say what the position was, only that it was a job in my location. Third, there was no phone number, and everything would be done through Google Hangout. It sounds like a scam, so I decided not to take the bait and follow up on it.
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Julie Harrison, Mark Harrison
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[email protected], [email protected]
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This was a job Scam on Google Hangouts

  • by: Snowak99
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  • May 16, 2016
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SCAM - copied from google hangouts

Mrs. Hillary Scott.

Me : Hello. I am Stephanie Nowak. 

Hillary : My name's are Mrs Hillary Scott and am one of SGL Group the Carbon Company hiring Managers.I would be the one to brief you about the position and the company.

Hillary :What are your full names and your current location?

Me: (my info) 

Hillary :Nice meeting you (my name) are you ready to learn more about our company and more about the job position ?

Me: Yes. I was interested in the front office position. 

Hillary :About Us
We are SGL Group – The Carbon Company, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of carbon-based products.

We have an in-depth materials, production, applications and engineering expertise, a comprehensive graphite and carbon fiber based product portfolio, and an integrated value chain from carbon fibers to composites. We operate close to our customers through a global sales network and state-of-the-art production sites in Europe, North America and Asia.

With this Broad Base, we offer Best Solutions to our customers with the help of our Company philosophy of SGL Excellence.

SGL Group - The Carbon Company - is one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon-based products. Our comprehensive portfolio ranges from carbon and graphite products to carbon fibers and composites. We focus on creating innovative solutions and value for our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility
means going beyond economics and including environmental as well as social factors in our actions.
Social responsibility, environmentally conscious behavior, commitment to employees as well as society while simultaneously advancing sustainable product solutions are significant components of SGL Group’s corporate culture and objectives. They are key prerequisites for the success of our business.


SGL Group is continuously developing. Our fascination with carbon is what binds us together. Every single day our employees contribute their experience, dedication and passion for carbon, helping to further advance the Company.

Board of Management

Dr. Jürgen Köhler
Chairman/Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Michael Majerus
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Supervisory Board
Susanne Klatten
Chair of the Supervisory Board of
SGL CARBON SE and Entrepreneur

Dr.-Ing. Hubert Lienhard
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SGL CARBON SE and Chief Executive Officer Voith GmbH, Heidenheim, Germany.

The registered offices of the company head office located addresses are :

SGL Group – The Carbon Company

1375 Union Dr, Evanston, WY 82930, United States

Let me know once you are done reading!!!

Me: I'm done. 

Hillary :This is strictly an online and work from home job the working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice,the pay is $25per hour training is $15per hour and will be get payment bi weekly via check or direct deposit working 30 to 40 hours weekly,if you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee and not an   independentcontractor.Benefits: Health, Dental,  Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans.Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts.Understood

Me: Yes, That all sounds great. 

Hillary :RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES: Heavy Data entry/administrative tasks,Updating client information in computer system Running and processing multiple documents utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access Inputting purchase orders Other various administrative tasks,Inputs information from a variety of sources into a computer database. May take customer orders and enter them into a pre-established tracking system Assignments will be sent to you via e-mail or IM and you will report directly to your immediate supervisor.

Can you handle these duties if trained on it ?

Me: Yes I can. 

Hillary :Very Impressive, I believe you understand the briefings so far?

Me: I am. Thank you. 

Hillary :Have you ever worked online before? 

Me: I have not. 

I have mostly worked in medical offices. 

Hillary :What do you Understand by Business Ethics & Customer Relations?

Me: To maintain a professional demeanor, and friendly attitude. 

Hillary :Why don’t you tell me about yourself?

Me: Certainly, (family Info). 

Hillary :How long have you been with your current (or former) employer?

Me: Currently,
(posted previous employment here)

Hillary :What is your greatest weakness?

Me: Spelling, but google and autocorrect help out a lot with that. 

Hillary :Describe a situation where you were part of a failed project?

Me: I don't remember any. Working in the medical field I was not given many projects. I had to handle patients and make phone calls. The couple projects I did do were simple and always completed. I was mostly assigned to create step by step manuals for the office for jobs that I have done, to give to new employees.  

Hillary :Tell me about a situation where you did not get along with a superior?

Hello are you there?

Me: sorry a smoke alarm went off and now we can't shut it off 

I normally get along with all my superior. But when I worked at thunderbird Internal Medicine, the superior would nit pick everything I did, regardless of how good I did it. I would talk to the managers and she would try to handle it, but it was never truly solved by the time I left. 

Hillary :What are your strengths?

Me: Definitely my people skills. I am a very good people person. 

Hillary :What do you do when you are not working?

Me: I craft, paint, or sew a lot, and we do family actives like hiking, camping, or backpacking.  

Hillary :From what you have learned about our company,Why do you want to work in this industry?

Me: I think I would make a great fit because you guys care about your customers and employees.  I would make an excellent addition because I enjoy helping customers as well. 

Hillary :How do you explain your job success?

Me: I keep a positive attitude and friendly demeanor.  That always seems to help me through just about any situation. 

Hillary :Am forwarding your answers to my superiors now for review and consideration.

I need you to message me in 30minute time for the result of your interview and goodluck..

Me: Excellent, Thank you. 

Hillary :Message me once it's time

Hillary • May 14, 10:27 AM

Me: Hello Hillary, It has been 30 minutes. 

Hillary :Ok

Hillary :Your interview result stand is here on my desk.

Hillary :You've been confirmed qualified.Welcome to SGL Group the Carbon Company

Me: Excellent, what is the next step. 

Hillary :My superiors believe you are the best candidate to move the company forward

This means as soon as all needed working and training equipment are available,which mean you are set and ready to proceed with training,you will be assigned a supervisor who will reach you on phone to schedule your training,when to meet you in-person along with your working paper's and document and get to know you better as a worker

Me: What is the equipment that I will be receiving, and where to do I go to meet/ give my information. 

Hillary :You will Earn $25 per hour,You will receive your pay via Check weekly.what bank do you operate with? 

Me: (bank)

Hillary :You will receive your duties online everyday and i will always be online to assist you with any difficulties.

You would be eligible to Benefits after 1months of working with the company, Benefits offered are Health Insurance / Vacations / Bonuses.This Job offers Flexible hours but you are to report online by 9am-5pm daily for duties,task,and assignment.

I need you to provide me with the following: Your full names,current Home address, Phone numbers and e-mail address to enable my secretary enlist them into the Company's Register for proper documentation.

Me: (personal info)

What is the equipment that I will be receiving, and where to do I go to meet/ give my information.  Also, when should I expect a phone call from the supervisor. 

Hillary :You will be receiving a brown new laptop and we are going make sure you are well equipped

When your training get started you a going to meet the supervisor one on one

Me: Where is office where I will bring my information and do my training?

Hillary :The company head office is located at WY  United States 

You will be trained there..one on one with the supervisor ok

Me: I am located in Oregon, my husband is a full time student and I have a 2 year old with no one to watch her.  I am not sure I can go to Wy.  Do you not have an office in Oregon?

I guess my biggest concern is money? Because I have been job hunting, our money is very tight, I would not be able to make a trip like that and find/ pay for daycare. 

Hillary :Ok

When your training get started..the supervisor can make it closer to you ok

We also have office in Oregon
  but we are currently hiring online

Me: where is your oregon office located 

Hillary: For candidate to work from home at the moment 

Me: I understand, I just want to know the location so I know where I would be going to meet the Supervisor. 

Hillary: When your training get started the supervisor will give you every information you need ok

Me: ok. Thank you. 

Hillary: You will be undergoing a 3 day training and orientation which will commence as soon as you have all working materials and you are rest assured that you will be paid for it.

Me: When should I expect a call?

Hillary: You will be faxed or emailed a paper work and a HR document during your orientation and training,you are to fill,sign and send back to us 

The  supervisor will do that

Once you are well prepared for training ok

Me: Ok, Thank you. 

Hillary: You will need some Data entry/accounting software and also a time tracker to commence your training and orientation and also you need the software to get started with work..the work of the time tracker is to calculate your hours worked since this is an online work from home.

Here are the names of the software's Averiware softwares  is a cloud based solution to help you run your business better. With Averiware you can manage all the key aspect of your business from home,Sales, Inventory, Accounting, HR, Projects and more.US Patent Single Users Pack, simply accounting 2015 and a Time Tracker.

I will refer you to the vendor you are to purchase them from. The company has been working with the vendor for years and she is responsible for the shipment of softwares to the employees for their training with a laptop for the installment. She also has records of shipments to employees and is a trusted supplier.

Me: That does not come all Included in the Laptop? 

Hillary: The funds for the software will be provided for you by the company via check and make sure you use them as instructed. I will refer you to the vendor you are to purchase them from.

The laptop will be provided for you ok

We are going to make sure you are well equipped

Me: OK. So You will send a Laptop and a Check for downloading the proper software, Then I download and Install the software, Then the supervisor will call me to set up for training that will take place in your Oregon office. 

Hillary: Yes

Me: Ok, Thank you. I will be watching out for the laptop 

May 14, 11:54 AM

Hillary: As soon as the check is issued out to you i will notify you and provide you with the tracking number so you can keep track and know when it will get to you.

All we want from you is your trust  and you will enjoy every moment you spend working with SGL Group the Carbon Company

Hello are you there?


You are to report to me monday morning 9am for update on the check and how to get started with your first duties,task,and assignment.

Me: sorry about that. 

Who and how do I report?

Hillary: You are to report to me monday morning 9am for update on the check and how to get started with your first duties,task,and assignment

Me: Ok. I will talk to you monday morning at 9am. Thank you. 

Hillary: Have a nice day and stay safe 

Hillary • May 14, 12:26 PM

Hillary: Hello good morning how are you doing today?

Me: Good Morning. I am doing good.

Hillary: How was your night and family?

Me: Good.

Hillary: Here is your check update

You will be receiving your check to make purchase of your software this week via Fedex.

Me: is there an estimate on the day or tracking number?

Hillary: Yes

Note that the check will be enough to make purchase of your working tools and will be used to make purchase of your software and once you have the software, you will commence your 3days training program with your supervisor

Me: I understand.  When should I expect the computer?

Hillary: The check that will be issue out is to provide all your working material and to make sure you well equipped ok

Me: So I need to purchases the laptop? I thought you were sending it?

Hillary: We are the one to provide all your working materials..but we are going issue a check out to provide that ok

Me: Sorry, but now I'm confused. We we spoke last I was under the understanding that you were sending a laptop and check then I was to use the check to download software to the laptop. 

Hillary: We are going to issue a check out ..but funds will be provided by the company ok

When the check has been issue out is for you to deposit the check ok

Hello are you there?

Me: I am. Im just confused. I am rather new to the online job world and have always worked in an office where I can talk to people one on one. When I read back to what we talked you had stated the 2 items will be sent but now I will be receiving one item. An I understand.  My main question now is how much the check will be for, and what is an exact list of what I will be purchasing with it? 

Hillary: The check that will be issue out will cover all you need will be for all you working materials ok

Me: I understand. I would like to know the amount of the check and everything I am getting with it.  

Hillary: All equipment you need have been started above

The funds is going cover all your working materials

Hello are you there?

Me: I am. 

Hillary: You will be receiving your softwares, Laptop,Scanner, Photocopier machine,Fax Machine, CD rum 1099 and a time tracker that would enable you keep track of your working hours daily due to the fact that you will be working from home

Me: So I need to purchases this stuff. 

Hillary: Yes but not with your funds because the company will be sending you are check for your softwares and training equipments okay

Me: And where do I get these items. 

Hillary: once you receive the check and have the funds i will be here to instruct you on how to make purchase okay you dont have to be worried about that

Me: ok

Hillary: Kindly confirm the information now
(personal Info)

Me: yes, that is correct 

Hillary: You are required to make use of the check as instructed to use it , by having the check deposited in your Account to enable you have access to the company funds and as soon as you have access to the funds, i will be here to provide you with further instructions on how to make purchase of your working materials.

Me: ok 

Hillary: When making the deposit, you can go through your bank or  make the deposit via mobile deposit or via your bank ATM deposit ..i believe you can make the deposit that way ?

Me: ok. 

Hillary: Do you have any question at the moment?

Me: Is their a main office number I can call if the check doesn't come?  What is the tracking number of the check?  How much will be on the check?  

Hillary: Once the check is issue out it most get to you ok

It must get you ok

The tracking number will be available tomorrow or next

The funds that will be on the check will cover all your materials ok

Me: ok

Hillary: I believe you understand all the briefings so far?

Me: ok

Is there a phone number I call to confirm my employment. My husband is concerned that I have only talked via messanger. 

Hillary: No problem about that

The hiring manager is going to contact you once your training get  started..and you are going to meet her one on one ok

Me: Do you have a phone number in case I can't get ahold of you on here?

Hillary: Yes

But that dont really maters now ok

Am assuring you...you are in a secure hands ok

Me: I’m new to online hiring but I would like some confirmation that I work with this company other then just talking to you. It is nothing against you. 

Hillary: Ok

Would you please highlight in brief about today updates?

Me: That you will be sending me a check through fedex, that I will use to purchases the necessary working material. Then I will get a call from my assigned manager. 

If you would, can you please give me a number to call and confirm my employment with this company. 

Hillary: Ok

I will give you the hiring manager number once you are ready for the training ok

Ok Great... i would not want to have a situation whereas you would not make the deposit of the check and would get back at me calling me names.. you are to make the deposit of the check and as soon as you have made the deposit and have the deposited receipted emailed to me for record purpose the company accountant would have all the amount on the check released to you...

Me: I just grow concerned that I personally have no confirmation that I work with this company. Just you saying that I was hired is not enough.  Can I please have an office number or someone I can talk to number about this. Thank you. 

Hillary: The supervisor will provide all the information you need ok

Me: ok

Hillary: You have nothing to worried about ok

Me: What is the name and number so I may speak to them. 

Hillary: The is name is Mrs Lara smith

You can add her on [email protected]

So that you can talk to her ok

Me: ok

Hillary: Hello are you there?


Me: Is their a phone number I can call, Please.

Hillary: You can call her through video call on google hang out chat ok

Me: be right back 

Hillary: Once you add her ok

Me: My concern is, that this might be a scam.  I have little information to work with.  I would like an office number to contact and speak to someone in person, along with an address where my training will take place.  

Hillary: The hiring manager will provide you that once you are about getting ready for your training

I really want to thank you for your time and patience you have put through your new job positionStephanie Lynn Nowak  and we believe we made the right choice to pick you to be a part of our team

Me: My concern is, that this might be a scam.  I have little information to work with.  I would like an office number to contact and speak to someone in person, along with an address where my training will take place.  

Hillary: Is like you are not getting my point

Me: And your not getting mine. 

I don't want this job any longer, Please don't send me a check or contact me.  Your photo does not match your name online and the person you referred me to has a stock image photo. I will report this to google. Thank you. 

11:13 AM

Hillary isn't on Hangouts right now. Your messages will be seen later
Names reported:
Mrs. Lara smith
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]
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Data Entry Job Offer

  • by: hardywhite
  • #6581
  • May 16, 2016
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I was on Upwork.com, and came across a data entry position that interested me. I wrote a proposal, and was replied to within 24 hours. I was required to contact "Mr. Michael Campbell" through Google Hangouts using his email address, [email protected] After the hour long interview process, wherein he claimed to work for Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, I was informed that the company would be sending a check for me to purchase over $5,000 worth of hardware and software that was necessary for the position. When I expressed that I was concerned that this was a scam, I was provided a phone number with which to verify its legitimacy. The number was a Google VoIP number, and the person that answered did not share the same name as Mr. Michael Campbell, rather this man's name was Mr. John.
Also reported:
Gemini LTD
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Michael Campbell
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]
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Healtheast data entry work from home scam

  • by: Allielongibo
  • #6614
  • May 17, 2016
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I had applied at another actual data entry position in my area and the next day i got the email for the interview from this healtheast. I figured it was a partner or something of the original one i applied to. Well it wasnt. Thankfully I didnt give any info or any money because i did the research because it sounded too good to be true i mean 31 bucks an hour to sit on ur ass. Thats crap. Ive found 3 other reports to this company and scam so i called the julie chick out on her bullshit in the nicest way just in case it was real and she blocked me on hangouts. So watch out they will ask you to deposit 2000 bucks in their wells fargo account and then they block you if you dont comply.
Also reported:
Names reported:
Julie Harrison
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]
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Health East work from home opportunity

  • by: Jimbonininin
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  • May 17, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I received this email:

Our recruitment team has viewed your resume published on (INDEED) and we are pleased with your qualifications, we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview.

Your resume was shortlisted for an online interview with the Interview Manager Mrs Julie Harrison via G-mail Hangout or Google talk with the following email address ([email protected]) Add her to your buddy list and message her, She will be online waiting for you ASAP to conduct the interview for you. If you have any problem in setting up the Google Hangout account, Log into your Gmail account, at the bottom left-hand corner, click the Hangouts icon. Feel free to email Mrs Julie Harrison at this Email address: [email protected]

Your verification code is ( SR-906 ), this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. Your timely response matters a lot.

We look forward to having you on the team.

---I then added Julie Harrison to the Hangouts and she emailed me a link to an actual East Health Company however the contacts seemed fake. So I researched and learned it was a scam. Plus their email is not from a real company (just freemail) and no real identifying information about the scammers is given. Plus the website is in brackets and they ask you to hurry up! I never went further as I know from reading that the next step was an interview and then the fake stuff starts......
Also reported:
Health East
Names reported:
Katie Stewart, Mrs. Julie Harrison
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