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Facebook scam

  • by: pduclo
  • #11
  • Dec 31, 2015
  • Monetary Loss: $1500
A friend of mine msg. me on facebook & told me facebook had some sort of random drawings & he won $120,000. He said when they delivered his money he saw my name on their list & asked if I had gotten mine yet. I said no & he txt me their phone # so I could see if I was on their list. I did & they said I was. They sent me a form to fill out, which I did & then they said I had to send them $1500.00 for taxes & fees. My friend said he got the same thing & he sent them the money & got his. So I did the same thing except for me they came back & said the IRS had stopped & searched the fedex truck & found mine so now the IRS is holding up my winnings unless I send them $2500.00 to release my money. I told them I had to borrow to come up with the $1500 so I cannot pay this so I would like my money back. I also have the bank account I wired the money to if you would like that. That person was a woman named Carmen E. Mendez Rivera in Florida. If I had been able to wire the money by moneygram, it would have gone to a different person. I have that also.
Names reported:
Robin Smith, Tony Barnett
Phones reported:
512-793-8474, 254-587-0300
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

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  • by: laquecia20
  • #22
  • Jan 1, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $320
I sent Steve Harvey a message, telling him tgat I was very sorry about the mix up on Miss Universe Pageant and that he need to stay strong, because everyone makes mistakes and fo you know why, BECAUSE we are human. They texted me back and said that I sound like I have God in you something like that, but I have the messages and they said that I was going to be the 5th person that he was going to bless before the year was put and then he texted me and said that, GOD had laid on his heart to give me nine thousand dollars and I had to send a 100.00 and I told him that I didn't have and he said that he would pay50.00 and I said thank you Jesus and they gave me the name and address to send the money and send them the MTCN NUMBER AND and copy of the receipt and later they sent me another message for me to send 150.00 and later on they told me to send anther 100.00 and everything will go through and this money was for the transfer of the money and the insurance, to keep from anything happening to the money before I I receive it. Theysent me me 6 of the numbers and they was supposed to send me the other numbers in the morning and I didn't receive anything this morning and I haven't heard nothing from them. I told them that I didn't have any money to send. Onermonlen Godswill--- Benin city, nigeria and I was wondering why Steve said that is company would be sending me the money. This have been a nightmare and I am broke abd I think that I have made a mistake, but I am wondering could you'll help me recover my money I had uploaded more, but I don't know weather you got them or not. Steve needs ro check his messages on his Facebook page and he will see
Names reported:
Steve Harvey

Claim I had funds that need to pay five hundred to receive

  • by: rgalmore
  • #50
  • Jan 3, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $1
I uploaded pictures of our conversation. This guy claim I had founds in order to scam me he is working with others to in courage the scam I uploaded a picture of one of his accomplishes as well
Names reported:
Garry Pennyfeather

Facebook scammer

  • by: Jalston49
  • #77
  • Jan 4, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $20
She is saying she can get people $30,000 in two days with she getting half she saying she is a bank manager for chase and she was giving the authority for fema grants from the government please go to her page on facebook and see what she is showing and the money she says she is getting once she get ur information she will block u and make no contact with u.
Names reported:
Olivia Yates


  • by: Alley1206
  • #82
  • Jan 5, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I was contacted via Facebook messenging by Dee Hobbie (living in Vegas) that I was on a list for a Facebook lottery for winnings of $180,000.00.( I am friends with Dee Hobbie that lives in MN. She has recently been hacked.) I should contact Mark Thomas on Facebook. I friended Mark . He confirmed that I was a winner. I should mail $850.00 to someone in South Africa and when that didn't work to a Tiffany Tibbs in The Plains, VA 20198.

I havn't sent any money.
Names reported:
Mark Thomas, Dee Hobbie
Phones reported:

I have been scammed by Marilyn Adams.

  • by: roselaw3
  • #86
  • Jan 5, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $2350
They used a friend of my name and said would get 200000.00 if u sent this to the people that were in california florida and Kentucky I have every thing on my cell phone recorded.
Names reported:
Marilyn Adams, Lynn Marie Winters, Yvonne Sorrells, Stefanie Haag