Facebook Scams

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  • by: amoussavi1
  • #47513
  • May 11, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $100
Dub Hubden on Facebook has been trying to scam me. He made threats and was very serious. He asked me to send money to a person on Pennsylvania. The ladies name is Tanya Mentzer, I do not know her or this Dun Hubden person, which I could tell the profile is fake. He is now contacting me by text and making more threats for money. He is giving the time frame and all. He is using phone number 1410 513-5291.
Names reported:
Tanya Mentzer, Dub Hubden
Phones reported:

Person imitating a person on Facebook trying to scam people

  • by: Stevecoe
  • #47496
  • May 11, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
A friend of mine and myself a reside and Lititz where contacted on Facebook with a friend request by a person who was not who they were pretending to be with him they pretended to be in Idaho with me they were pretending to be out of the United States and try to scam my friend first for personal information including a phone number and then for a phone then for a phone card then for needing money put in her PayPal account so that she could continue her internet access when he showed me the original post that he got from this person I told him it was a scam but because of his vulnerability at the time and his compa**ion he felt bad about calling her a scammer then we proceed it over the next few weeks to scam the scammer and I'm still in the process of scamming her and or them and have him they're limiting their time on the internet this sad Ben report it to Facebook both times I said that they found nothing wrong just another proof that Facebook doesn't care about its customers or the people that use at service their security is a joke their customer service is basically non-existent if you wish to contact me you can do so through my Gmail which is [email protected]
I also would have another story for you is dealing with some local authorities their abuse of their Authority violation of people's rights including the violation of a dis abled person rights to privacy and their continued harassment until they found out that the person they were harassing wasn't going to put up with their nonsense and also including a local representative who when the problem was brought to him did nothing about it and nothing about it even though he was told that by not doing anything that he is guilty of violating the people's trust which could be considered four charges of treason against the people for not doing his job when a person's civil rights have been violated and this was brought to his attention.
I do sincerely hope to hear from you on this matter because I am pursuing both matters elsewise
Names reported:
Mary Austin

1999 Minnie Winnie

  • by: Nonnie
  • #47452
  • May 9, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I replied to a post on a local Facebook yardsale site about the RV which was supposedly being posted by the nephew of the “owner” and to email her for specifics. I got an email saying she was selling through “eBay Motors “ and I would get an email from them. Looked strange and when I replied to the email address for eBay Motors it was not legitimate. I can forward both emails.
Names reported:
Harper Martha
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Scamming women for money

  • by: Doctorcalvin
  • #47349
  • May 5, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $5,000.00
A lady I am friends with now after she saw what I wrote on his Facebook timeline. Which is deleted now contact me, and she said she send Calvin $5,000.00 wire transfer in someone else name. The money is supposed to be used for him to take a leave from Somalia. Like he tells us all to get married and be together forever.
Names reported:
Calvin Ryan

I have been scammed by Kendrick severan

  • by: Algie
  • #47331
  • May 4, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $2500.00
Came through on messenger from a good co worker with his picture telling me about this gradients give back foundation in association with Facebook. You buy 2500.00 in iTunes do them pictures of the cards and they will send you a check for 450.00 through ups. Says they are helping people (the youths, retired, disabled and old). I stupidly did this and now they want 7500.00 to finish it
Names reported:
Kendrick Severan
Phones reported:

Jim john

  • by: Raschel
  • #47194
  • Apr 26, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $1,300
I was messaged through a family members Facebook account I though I was talking to my cousin and I was called and told that I could get my irs refund money faster by going and purchasing apple I tunes cards I purchased 2 one for $300 and one for $1,000 . I feel so stupid I have four kids and now no rent money I am going to file a police report ... I still have the cards and receipts but I scratched the code off of the card and the scammers got the money they will not answer if I call this number but they will text and they have all of my money as well as they are trying to get me to go activate more cards so they can “refund” my money they have stolen help
Names reported:
Jim John
Phones reported: