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Scammed by Thunder Wing

  • by: Polwoggy
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  • Mar 26, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $56
I ordered a lava lamp through a Facebook ad (bad idea). It took 2 months to get package. I had e-mailed company and never received a response. Finally arrived from China and was a cheap lava lamp that looked nothing like what I paid for and is worth maybe $5. I have opened a dispute with Paypal. The company has only offered to return 30-80% of my money and have me pay shipping. I demanded full refund immediately and return item at their expense. Dispute pending. I started having some data issues with my phone passwords, Amazon account locked me out and email hacked around that time. I believe this is a fraudulent company that just is mining for data breaches to steal money.

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  • by: Jbella
  • #93588
  • Mar 27, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $44.66
I purchased this item never received it they just ripped me off
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Scammed from cannabis mart republic

  • by: Nimkijay
  • #93611
  • Mar 28, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $300
Guy scammed me from Instagram. He said he was selling vapes. Never received product. He never refunded my money.
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Fake website

  • by: cmiller0220
  • #93667
  • Mar 31, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $2369.96
I ordered 4 gas powered rc trucks and the tracking number they sent me was a fake tracking number I have emailed them time and time
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I have been scammed by generator online store

  • by: SIKPUP
  • #93672
  • Apr 1, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $85.00
I got a facebook ad online,it seem ok because facebook sent it,the ad also requires payment thru paypal. Which i did.They got paid and i got nothing..fb and paypal refuse to do anything..im in contact with my bank to change all pw/card # .
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Slim Origin Keto dietary supplement

  • by: JessTano83
  • #93683
  • Apr 2, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $126
The company tells you that they have been on shark tank. They have never been on Shark Tank. They offer you a months supply of Keto dietary supplement 60 pills for the price of shipping. They told me I would pay $6.86 for shipping but, a month later I got charged $119.98 from Perfect Fusion. I didn't recall every ordering anything from Perfect Fusion. So I reported it to my credit card company. So I went through a few months of transactions on my credit card statement and I found $6.86 Perfect Fusion. I thought that's funny I ordered from Slim Origin and I only knew that because of the odd amount I was charged for shipping. I went to my emails and found the email from them telling me when I would receive my supplement and emailed them about charging my card without my authorization. They emailed me back stating that after we send you the supplement we wait to hear how well it worked for you because of how well it worked for others and it's high in demand when we hear back from you we charge you for a subscription. So I emailed them back stating I never reported back to them so why did you charge me for a subscription I never asked for nor have I ever received anything further from your company. They responded back with the same message. So this time I told them that I wanted my money back because I never authorized a charge for a subscription. They sent the same message back only with sorry for any confusion if you read our policy you will see it says when you report back to us about how well it worked for you we go ahead and charge you for a subscription. An again I told them you never heard back from me and I never okayed the charge for $119. So I want my money back and cancel that subscription I never asked for. So then they send an email stating that they canceled my subscription but they want to offer me a special deal at $35 since I canceled my subscription so I would think about maybe staying with them. At the end of the email it said if we do not hear back from you we will automatically charge you the $35 for our offer. I sent back to them look if I canceled a subscription that I never asked for in the first place that you took upon yourselves to charge me $119 without my authorization what in the hell makes you think I want to pay another $35 for something that didn't work and never received anything else for $119 you already charged me an I never wanted a subscription in the first place you idiot's. If you charge my card again I will make huge problems for your company and you will be paying more in court fees then what you took from me already. This time I am smart enough to tell you I am not interested in your bullshit Keto site pills that didn't work and if the company is called Slim Origin why are you going by Perfect Fusion? It's crazy how you get a free gift pay for shipping and get charged a whole lot more then your offer said. Then your email goes by a totally different name. Slim Origin aka Perfect Fusion are crooks