Is ReportScam.com free to use?
Yes, the services at ReportScam.com are free to use. 

Can users delete their complaints from ReportScam.com?
Yes. Users have the ability to delete their complaints 60 days after the complaint has been published. 

Is my complaint at ReportScam.com anonymous?
Yes, your complaint is anonymous. We do not publish any personal information other than your username. However, we may release any information regarding your complaint if it is required by the U.S. courts or if the U.S. government is investigating the incident.

Can I request the removal of a complaint about me or or my business at ReportScam.com?
Yes. Please use the Contact Us form to communicate with our management about removing a complaint.

Where is ReportScam.com located?
ReportScam.com is a U.S. organization; however, we refrain from publicly posting our address for security reasons. 

Can I submit supporting documents with my complaint? 
Yes. You may submit up to five photos and/or PDF documents with your complaint. You have the ability to choose if the files are published with your complaint or remain private.

If you have any further questions about ReportScam.com, please contact us using this page.