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Warranty Scam

  • by: NissanWarrantyScams
  • #38769
  • Sep 10, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $12000
The worst scammers so far, I took my van to then for transmission issues, and because they don't make that much money when they fix it under warranty they put a pent in the transmission and wanted me to believe that the pen is what broke the transmission, they sent me a pic and the pen is untouched. Then they requested 4K to fix it.

They are big time scammers stay a way from these thugs.

I sent the email let me know how are we going to solve this and thank you.

And by the way the transmission shop I took my van to after taking it out from your dealership assured me that the pen could not cause the damage that was done!!!

So here is a quick update:

The person who left his email here, I emailed him back about 3 days a go and I didn't get any response from him, I even emailed him my phone number, so I'm guessing he is just trying to make it look like he cares, but obviously he don't
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Fraud transaction.

  • by: Hkssky
  • #8772
  • Jun 21, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $7260
Hi i'm Teddy from semarang Indonesia . I just got cheat by someone in US . And i transfer money to wrong account this is the story : I emailed with cody martin for order Nissan parts in fontana Nissan CA total $7268 . I asked the bank acc no . And cody gimme the acc no like on attach file . And i did transfer on 13th June on that account . But this morning the guy emailed me said like this : He asked me to wire transfer one more time cause the bank said won't credit to that account under name : yu jeon machinery with the same account no : 11150-03210. When i called to cody martin at Nissan fontana he said that his email got hacked . So could u help me to solve the problem . I already talked to cody . Cody said he never send that email to me . Please help me . I don't know where can i report this problem to . To whom it may concern . This is my bank bank account . My admin guy who did the wire transfer his name is : Herry Santoso Setio Sagoro. Address : Kuala Mas Timur 837
Herry (administration guy) phone no is : +62-897-441-8910
My phone no is : +62-81-745-6348
My position is in Indonesia . I don't know where i can claim for this matters. I already claim to my bank where i did the transfer . BCA Indonesia bank already text to Woodforest bank from last friday 17th june that this wire tt from me is fraudulant . I just want to know ,did wood forest still hold the funds from me and not credited to yu jeon machinery account . Cause this guy who cheat me said : woodforest bank hold the money for some reason and wait until bank audit and wood forest will refunds back to my account ( indonesia bca bank ) in 21 days, Yu jeon push me to retransfer the funds again but i didn't do it. So could u reply my email and inform me what happen with my $7268 . I attach all the email proof and wire tt receipt. Please help me . That money means so much for me . And i just got email from woodforest the money is no longer available.
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Cody Martin
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