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Gift unreceived

  • by: Harrison_5
  • #22533
  • Jan 05, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $600
On December 26th I was contacted by Freebie Mom about 8:45 est to be told that I had won a $600 Amazon Gift Card. She gave me about 5 rows of information and not being familiar with the winning system she told me to wait til 9 and she would answer further information. I was given a code but I was never told where that code went and I thought she needed this code to prove I was who I claimed to be. Well, several people rallied around and explained to her how they could see how I made that mistake. She came back and told me I had exactly 5 minutes to claim my prize she had canceled the first card. I begged her to please give me at least 10 minutes to give me time to log onto all this information she gave me. I have information from someone that said she gave me 30 minutes but I also have proof she gave me five with her final statements saying you have 1 minute, time up, blocked. I have been nothing through this process but polite, confused but when I tried to ask questions I was told it's so easy. She told me how stupid I was and I needed to stay off the computer because I was too stupid to know how to use it. I have both codes I was given and I am very upset about being called stupid, next about her overall treatment of me, and finally the loss of the $600 not once but twice. I was told to file this report but unfortunately, I had to leave town on the 27th on an emergency and have just returned and am having time to do this.
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Freebie Mom