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Yo-Yo Scam

  • by: GoddessInU
  • #71674
  • May 23, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $2000
I was told I was approved for a 2020 Camaro knowing that my ctedit wasnt good enough but was convinced I was approved, given keys and drove off. 2 weeks later I got a call saying to bring car back before they report it stolen because I didn't work at my job that I been at for 3 years. They said it was a crime to lie on application in which I assured them I am an employee there but site closed down a few days ago due to corona virus but someone can call them to verify. I had HR call GM Finance to verify my employment. Was then asked to send bank statements because dealership still havent received verification from GM. I sent the documents and they still said return car. I asked them why they couldn't give me a clear reason but said they have called the police on me and reported it stolen. I asked for my downpayment back and was told no. They sent a tow truck to pick up car but are refusing to return my down payment back. This was a scam to take my money. This dealership knew i never qualified for this vehicle in the first place and used my employment as an excuse to have car returned back to stock. I will be retaining a lawyer to get my money back from these scammers!
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Matthew Wright, Mark Grumberg, Mark Mingo
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