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Scam Website Claiming to Sell Masks

  • by: menesesx81
  • #84744
  • Oct 16, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $45.97
On September 26, 2020 I clicked on a Facebook ad for a werewolf mask that was pretty cool and decided to order it since it was reasonably priced. I got a confirmation and also tracking information from the website. After about a week it showed that my item was still in Saudi Arabia so I decided to contact them to ask them what a realistic timeframe to receive this mask would be. They told me to be patient and that it would arrive according to tracking information. On October 16th, I checked the status of the shipment again and it showed the package was delivered and signed for by a "Christopher". After that I got more worried that it was sent to the wrong address. After calling the carrier they told me that it was not my package and that they didn't even have any package with my name in their system. I then went back to the Funproper website and saw that a totally different tracking number was on my order. This time it said that it is shipping from China and still in route. After that I did a Google search of Funproper only to find out that other people were scammed the same way and that this website is just scamming people out of money or sending them another item all together that was not what they originally ordered. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. They will not respond to your emails and the only way they allow you to contact them is through their website messaging service.
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