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Gimsystemtraining scammed and ripped me and my 16 month old baby girl of what little money we had.

  • by: johnny72
  • #44282
  • Dec 28, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $54
i started off skeptical because of all the scams going on. but being i have a 16 month old baby girl and i am a single father i was tired of living check to check, tired of struggling. wanted to raise my little girl without worries and to make sure she has whatever she needs without second guessing, It sounded so true this was it. The investment to turn things around to my advantage. it has a slow start but in the end it would be worth it, atleast that is the promise they made.
It started off promising. Once i hit $500 i can withdraw. Cool i can handle that and made the first hundred the first night. Well its been 2 months and still have not reached $500. Balance is at $456.20 as of today at this very minute and i have not missed one day sending my email out period up until last week.
When second month started things changed in every kind of way, thank god i kept and made copies of every detail of how the system works etc.i kept figures on how much per day i was making commission verses how many subscribers i had and which email i chose. to my suprise my commissions went down as the subscribers list got bigger. When i hit 5000 subscribers its like my commission amount started all over as if i had 500 subscribers. then to top it off i now have to have a $1000 in my account to withdraw. i m at $4 or so a day with 6500 subscribers at$456.40 in my account it may take awhile to reach a $1000 especially being the more subscribers i get the less i make. what happen to withdrawing at $500 guess i got to close to it.
i have sent emails, made phone calls and have tried everything to get a response a answer of some kind and to this very day not a peep no kind of explanation at all.
i have even requested a refund because they are full of it and they will not even refund me for$54.
Needless to say my dreams of giving my baby girl a struggle and worry free life just got turned upside down. thanks mr. beasson aka mr. rip=off. gimsystemtraining is a scam and is full of nothing but lies.
thank you for any support and help with this situation me and my daughter tayrin greatly appreciate you. have ablessed day
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