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Time Share resale

  • by: Louser52
  • #90657
  • Jan 13, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $1400.00
Having been trying to sell our timeshare(s), we received a phone call informing us that resaler GNG Vacations has a buyer(s) waiting to purchase. Knowing of the scams out there, we were skeptical at first until GNG starting identifying some of our personal financial information and info about our properties. They knew more personal info than they should of had such as our primary credit card number. We truly believed from the info they seemed to be retrieving from their computer about our case that they were extremely knowledgeable in the time share business. Having listened to her rattle off details about our circumstance and knowledge of the time share business, we felt comfortable she was legit. Of course everything had to be done right then and there. She sent us two contracts and away we went. Before we signed, I found their supposed website which I now believe is a dummy website. Their corporate number just rings and the sales person's phone number is no longer in service. From the sound of her voice, I'd say she was about / at least 50 years old and has a unique/gruff voice as if she smokes.
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