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Website/emails: www.highshopping.net

I have been scammed by highshopping.net / Beemarts.

  • by: heatherbell
  • #73146
  • Jun 7, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $288.85
I placed an order for a Cricut machine. I should have been suspicious because the price was $100 lower than elsewhere, but I just thought it was a good sale. They only accepted PayPal, which should have been another alarm. Now I see that my payment processed with a different business name (Beemarts), and when I went to that website, it is obviously fake, as none of the links work. My email to the company has not been returned, and when I tried to call-- it is a Google Voice forwarding.
When I click on "Order Tracking", I get "This page could not be found."
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Tried to buy a sewing machine

  • by: Bdtorre
  • #73376
  • Jun 9, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $79
I found this machine and website through Google shopping. The were cheaper than other websites and had stock (all sewing machines are on back order). I checked around the website and it seemed legit. They had multiple items and videos to help use the appliance. I always pay with PayPal but when I was not redirected back to the merchant I got suspicious. I got a vague email that my order was received and it would be arriving in 10-21 days. If I didn't get it I should contact them. I tried to contact them right away and nothing worked- phone was Google phone, email was fake, and address was fake. I contacted PayPal right away. Website is not working anymore.
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Scammed by some coward

  • by: Brandnjames
  • #73698
  • Jun 12, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $354
Ordered generator. It was cheaper than elsewhere by about $50 and shipped for free. They have this down, even provided tracking number with UPS. They never put an actual address in for it to go to, just my city. So it says "delivered" and everything but it's not here, of course. Turns out if you pay attention to the details of something like that you'd know as soon as the tracking number comes. The package being tracked only weighed 2.4 lbs, the generator should have weighed 30+. Hopefully they get what they deserve.
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Stay Away!!

  • by: Leoneil
  • #73852
  • Jun 13, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $116
This site is a total SCAM.. I ordered a sewing machine half the price of most advertised out there. So, I thought I got a good deal, but, after a week of checking the status of my order I noticed that quantity available jumps from 24 to 18 then back to 22. That’s when I got suspicious, phone # and email provided leads nowhere and after I filed a dispute they send a bogus tracking # that says delivered which I never got and checking details on that info it says “package 2 lbs weight”. What kind of full size sewing machine weighs 2 lbs?? These are low-life people waiting to scam people who work so hard for their money... STAY AWAY!!
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I ordered a Sewing Machine for $98.99

  • by: QOlu
  • #73854
  • Jun 13, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $105
Give me my Refund. Halbac Hanoi You are a Scammer! I want my money back. God will punish you and you will suffer for Scamming me and other people out of their hard-earned money. I will write about how you Scammed me out of my money and other people's money. I'm so mad that these idiots scammed me out of my money. Order #***** was placed on June 2, 2020 and is currently Processing.
Order details
Product Total
Brother ST371HD - Sewing machine - 37 stitches - 1 one-step buttonhole × 1 $98.99
Subtotal: $98.99
Shipping: Free Shipping
Tax: $6.93
Payment method: PayPal
Total: $105.92
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Scammed by fake site & PAYPAL Merchant

  • by: raf
  • #73883
  • Jun 14, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $309.77
Ordered a Dewalt Miter Saw off the highshopping.com site, which came up top-of-the-list on a google search for the saw model I need, lowest cost and free shipping. The site did the entire "create account" function and sent a temp password. When I went to checkout the seller turned into "BEEMARTS" which I thought was the commerce provider site or parents company. PAYPAL further helped them along by providing the means to access my business bank account...(so how many complaints does PAYPAL require before they block fraudulent merchants?) Anyway, contact to merchant is non- existent and emails are all fake. Hoping to get financial justice from PAYPAL...are they not under any guidelines to protect their customers from these jackels? Also, because the site took out money for SALES TAX doesn't the equal federal/state money fraud charges?
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