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Independent Polling Company wants money

  • by: Rusty111
  • #47507
  • May 11, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I received three calls by Informed Electorate PAC by two different people. They said they were a polling company that interviewed over 500,000 people every month and reported the results to politicians. They asked one question the first two calls. On the third, the representative went into a speech about how important it was that government should be afraid of people and not the other way around. He talked about the number of the people they poll each month and how important it is. Then he asked for $25. I have a Master's Degree that included some social research analyses, so I knew that legitimate polling research companies would never ask for money. I told him I would not be paying him any money.
I decided to report this everywhere I could, so others who are not as informed would not be scammed into contributing to a PAC thinking they are helping a polling research company. PACs are designed to help politicians. But the political party and position of this PAC were not explained.
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Harassment Maximized

  • by: scamsfree
  • #47377
  • May 7, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I get these hara**ing calls at least twice a day and have kept their calls and number stored on my phone. About two months ago I began receiving calls from “Informed Electorate”—NOT “The Informed Electorate”. After a few robos, a real person was on the line who said his name was Joe. He said: “hi, this is Joe. When I spoke with you before, you said It was ok if I called you back”. NO way. I told him I had never told him anything and not to call anymore.
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Phones reported:
254-244-2276, 430-803-0658, 409-240-0763


  • by: SUESMITH
  • #47108
  • Apr 23, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
This is scam and it us disgusting that these people who run the scam are taking advantage of the Americans that are unhappy with the current political situation.
The Many American citizens know there is a president that unfairly is leading the country, which is completely corrupt, un-American, unconstitutional, and not to mention , ...... illegal. Everyone knows there is something very very wrong going on. Especially young people, who are speaking out, hoping that someone will listen. Well this is how i felt one day when a call came in from "Informed Electorate". There was a survey, which i was so egarly excited about participating in, and sharing my opinion.
The phony scam called 2 days later with another survey, which again, I was happy to participate. About 2-3 days later, they called again! But this time it wasn't just a survey, it was a man ( regretably who's name escapes me at the moment), he explained what Informed Electorate, but immediately changrdntge subject to money, which set off alarm bells because I had questions I wanted to ask. He asked me for my debit card # so i could help fund this
"pro American", "pro Democrat", group. I asked him if i could be mailed the information instead, just because I was stalling not wanting to give my Info without knowing more about the group. Well he tried for about ten minutes minutes to convince me , I wasn't having it. Well he agreed to mail the pledge request. Attached to report. Here it is. If u receive mail that is this- rip it up , if they call, hang up and cuss them out.
Phones reported:
409-240-0763, 254-244-2276

Preying on Patriots

  • by: SgtIHudgins
  • #47051
  • Apr 20, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $120.00?
Sometime in 2017 I answered questions from a pollster-or so I thought. He asked for money, I authorized $5.00 per month for his so-called voter questions. I paid for a year, automatically.
At the end of February, 2018 he again asked for a contribution. I told him I couldn't afford it-I'm on disability. Eventually he talked me into giving a ONE TIME authorization of $30.00. Now it's coming out EVERY MONTH. I have no way of getting this stopped without help from the bank-which will cost me more money, I'm sure. They need to be stopped.

Annoying phone calls

  • by: Upset2018
  • #46892
  • Apr 13, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Been getting calls for a while. At first I answered their questions, innocent enough, but they keep calling back and I don't pickup on these calls, Finally today, I answered and told the individual NOT TO ALL BACK,at which time he started to argue with me in that I agreed. I again told them not to call back and hung up. We shall see if they continue.
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Attempted scam by Informed Electorate

  • by: mvgrl
  • #46679
  • Apr 5, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Five calls between 3/20/18 and 4/4/18 (two were missed).
The first call said they were conducting a political survey. The caller said they would ask only one question, then, if I agreed, would call one a month thereafter.
The second call was received on 4/3/18. They asked another question and repeated the same information as on 3/30/18.
The third call was received on 4/4/18. I was not asked any questions. The caller talked over me when I objected to the frequency of the calls. He told me this poll is more extensive than others because they poll 1 million people and the survey provides a better sampling of voters across the country. Then he asked me for a $25 donation. When I told him I could not afford that much he said not to worry, they will take the information but not charge the card for a couple of months. I asked him for more information about the organization and if they have a website or could send me something in the mail. He started to get very testy, again tried to get financials over the phone. I told him I never give ANY financial information over the phone. He made some rude remarks and immediately disconnected.
Phone numbers: 254-244-2276 (3)
754-900-7534 (1)
409-240-0763 (1)