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I $250 from a scammer

  • by: Fabriel100
  • #205
  • Jan 9, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $250
I found a seller on instagram who sells shoes and i got a good deal from them. Their payment method is Western Union and i wasn't able to use western union, then i said i'll just give them a $250 amazon gift card. I bought the gift card from a supermarket and i gave him the code by giving him a picture. After i sent the pic, he said that he is going to check if its gonna work. 30 minutes later i messaged him back to ask for the tracking number for the shoes, he never replied. I checked his instagram account, then he blocked me from instagram.
Names reported:
Donquez Lee, Keshad H
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I have been scammed by Arthur Mourning

  • by: jgonzalez
  • #216
  • Jan 10, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $15
He is "selling" shoes on instagram and scammed me for $15. I have pictures to prove it.
Names reported:
Arthur Mourning, The Plug shoe store
Web/emails reported:

Jacked For My Money And Then Blocked

  • by: PrincesssD__
  • #226
  • Jan 11, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $100
An Instagram page that claimed to be legit scammed me .I was told I would be receiving an iPhone 6s in rose gold for $177 , I was told what I had to do to send the money and all. He gave me the option to pay half now and half when I get the phone . After I sent the money and got the alert that the money was picked up from western union , I was blocked on Instagram and then followed by another account .
Names reported:
Joseph elyce
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Scammed From A Vendor On Instagram "@jumpmanjays"

  • by: Elijah_173
  • #282
  • Jan 12, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $10000
I attempted to purchase shoes from a person with an Instagram page advertising lots and lots of rare sneakers. I agreed to purchase a pair of shoes for $250 dollars, which I sent to who I thought was the seller, using PayPal. After I sent the money to what I thought was the person's account, they DISAPPEARED and never contacted me again. Shoes were never sent. I was able to contact the person who I sent the money to because PayPal works using email addresses. After speaking to him, the owner of the PayPal account was also a victim of the same scam. His name is Broderick Grimes and he is a student who sells shoes, but does it legitimately. Together, Broderick and I came to the conclusion that the scammer, @jumpmanjays, is impersonating real sellers and scamming buyers by having his victims transfer money to a real sellers PayPal account to pay for his own shoes. Once the money is transferred, the person "@jumpmanjays" DISSAPPEARS and shoes never arrive. Meanwhile the legitimate sellers PayPal account is credited hundreds of dollars and he ships the scam artist "jumpmanjays" a real pair of very expensive shoes.

The scammer gave Broderick an address and name to where the he wanted the shoes shipped:

Ian McClung
15141 Chippewa St.
Detroit Michigan

Please help stop this person from scamming and robbing even more victims.
Names reported:
Broderick Grimes was another victim of the scam.

I have been scammed by demar mcdonald online for a iphone

  • by: Trinityw1
  • #287
  • Jan 12, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $288
I decided to purchase a phone from an online "business" which was held on instagram supposedly until the business site came in april. The day came of payment through moneygram. I gave demar mcdonald (thats the name i was givin) 288.00 for an iphone6splus. This money was sent to michigan . where the owner resides . after payment i never heard from owner again. Or recieved my package
Names reported:
Demar mcdonald
Web/emails reported:
instagram of the business which they sell on - electronicandshoebusiness

My 14 yr old lost money

  • by: Momof2boyz
  • #389
  • Jan 16, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $150.00
The above supposedly had a sneaker business on Instagram. My 14 yr old son purchased a pair of sneakers for $150.00 and was sent a tracking number which we realize now was fake. The user all of a sudden will or respond to my son and blocked him

I have copy of tracking receipt but it will not let me load it
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