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Bought stock, researched company, and it's a sham.

  • by: Indianhead
  • #2085
  • Feb 28, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $1000.00
Bought stock, researched company, it's a total sham,penny stock,the brokerage firm that sells,doesn't exists, the CEO,Albert Mitrani is a thief,the company is simply a pump &dump,it should be shut down so honest people don't lose money.
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Stock symbol: BPSR
Names reported:
Albert Mitrani, John Goodhew, Bespoke Trycicles

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Mark Williams scammer

  • by: patty
  • #2807
  • Mar 13, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $7700
He told me I would be making an investment he had me send money via money gram to several people I had just sold the family home because I couldn't pay the taxes I am disabled and on medication but was denied any help so I knew I needed an investment. I thought it was legit. So i invested 4000 .Then he said his son in Ghana Jim Williams needed someone to receive a shipment for him. I agreed but then they needed 3700 for a document I never saw for a shipping Co ese exclusive shipping exports Email [email protected] . Now I have contacted the company several times to refund the 3700 and I never get any responses. But Mark says he does but now he won't talk on hangouts. I just need my money back because he said he would be here by now and have never seen him . Please help thank you I don't know who to contact patricia Butt 859-916 2429
Names reported:
Mark Williams
Phones reported:
210-739-1084, 213-275-0174
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

Investor [email protected] of america

  • by: crystal
  • #3321
  • Mar 22, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $2500
I'm crystal fleming no saint but i wanted to get me out of the illegal world i trusted chris would lead me to a life of legal success he paid my rm rent to save my money to invest n his llc but he then failed to mention he had herpes i never exspose myself to him to catch it but we did had sex n he did use condoms i moved in with him before this came out i invest n his llc im the dba chris purchase me a car cash i felt he had good faith well i was wrong 2/25/16 he confirmed at his job he knew it for 29yrs now he has empty my acct thru bank of america n they are actually covering it up they have two address for him that way he cant be found served legal letter of demmand he has to be held accountable im not trying to be bitter but im actually back in a hotel i had to ask my grand mom to pay cause the acct attach to bank of america chris mcfadden acct with my permission but i didnt confirm for him ti cancell r empty my account chris actually gave me 1000 bucks in the hosptial with my car keys n rip up title i dnt want anybody else hurt behind him there is no tell how many women he has done this to i know one for sure i need help keep a roof over my head n getting my dba bond n the car switch n insurance but chris will not reply to emai change address phn num n all i have all legal document he issued infact he list a company name over n over n thr contract he never had a contract with brenda cleaning we only had a meeting about the biz offer
Names reported:
Chris Mcfadden
Phones reported:

So called banker

  • by: fred
  • #4395
  • Apr 11, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $5,463
He wanted me to be a partner and he wants to invest here in the USA. I had to pay for the transfer charge. They would not take it from him.
Names reported:
Henry James
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]


  • by: Skeeter
  • #4725
  • Apr 15, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $300.00
Supposedly they are an investment firm! She is on instagram as Gina Whitfield. I asked if that was for real, she said yes! She sent the details, and i fell for it.

Added by Skeeter on Apr 15, 2016 21:47 EDT

On instagram she is MSYYESSIMGIGI25

Names reported:
Mr. Terrence Simmons, Gina Whitfield
Phones reported:
385-218-0127, 270-905-0731

Scammed by

  • by: eralove
  • #5504
  • Apr 28, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $220
He told me he can double my money in mins he called n kept in touch but when the hr went by when I suppose to pick up money he never answer me or calling me back or texting me back.
Also reported:
Names reported:
John Richmond
Phones reported:
503-379-0794, 239-205-4843