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Website/emails: www.jctechies.com
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I have been scasmmed by JC Techies

  • by: earthangel99503
  • #38759
  • Sep 9, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $149.99
Startup a big window came up stating there was a big problem on my PC not to touch or do anything with The PC, but to call this Microsoft # for assistance. Of course that was mot a ms #, but the JC techies I don't remember the exact wording now as time has passed, but I have done a lot of research and learned a lot, so I did follow their instructions which gave them control of my PC There name and Phone # is on my desktop, but I don't know how to forward it to you.Had great difficulty in making out what he was saying duu to lots of background noise and the foreign accent Didn't want a credit card, bit a check routing# and account #, but I held out for the cc at a much lower price than he started with. there is info on my PC from them, but I don't know how to forward it to you. However, I do feel they are remotely controlling at times. PC often not responding
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