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I have been scammed!

  • by: abel102333
  • #16750
  • Oct 6, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $135
Do not purchase any jewelry from! I purchased a tiara ring from their website, for my girlfriend. The ring cost $135, then I decided to cancel my order because I had a bad feeling about it. I looked up reviews on the company and they all said the same thing, that they have been scammed. I tried contacting the number on their website and no one answers. I sent an e-mail and they gave me info on what to do when I receive the ring, if I don't want it. Apparently I have 30 days to return it amd get my money back ONCE I receive it, the bad thing is it's been a month and I haven't received it. I complained and they said to track it on USPS, so I did. The last three weeks the status on the shipment has been that its getting ready to ship out, and its coming from China. The company is located in California. I e-mailed them again and said I was going to report them to the authorities and to the BBB and asked if they're making any effort to find out what's going on and why it's taking soo long they keep telling me to wait a few days, for the last 2 weeks. Please take my advice and research before you order online.
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ATTENTION: Consumers who have been contacted by scammers could have had their personal information breached. #REPORTSCAM highly recommends that consumers whose information has been breached obtain identity theft protection service immediately. There are several companies that offer identity theft protection in the US. One of the most inexpensive options we were able to find is the protection offered by LifeLock. You can start your protection here.
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I have been scammed by refund

  • by: keishatassin
  • #23570
  • Jan 19, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $130.00
An hour after I paid I had to change my mind..I ask for a refund..they said no
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[email protected]

Mony stolen

  • by: RandallG
  • #23665
  • Jan 20, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $150.00
I bought a ring from Juelia co. and it was the wrong size. I contacted Juelia and spoke to a man by the of Dammon. He instructed me on the return for the right size, along with a $10.00 fee to return ship.
I did as instructed. I waited for a conformation however it never came, so I tried to contact the co. with no success. The company does not answer the phones, nor do the return emails.
I went on and started to read reviews and nothing but bad, all with the same complaint as mine. There are hundreds of them, all with the same complaint.
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Scammed, poor customer service, broken promises, and won't accept timely return by Jeulia's

  • by: frugalnestmom
  • #33792
  • Jun 7, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
On May 9, 2017 I attempted to purchase:
• Jeulia Cushion Cut Created Rainbow Topaz Mermaid Ring
Ring size 7 ¾ SKU #RRG1104-150
Price: $212.46
•Holiday Gift- Heartbeat Necklace SKU #RGT331-4
Price: $0.00
• Holiday Gift- Single Stone Necklace SKU # SKU # RGT408-6
Price: discounted because of holiday $16.68 (now $19.99)
•Engraving: “My Kids, My 🖤”
Price: $20.00
•Expedited Shipping
UPS(Expedited Shipping) 1-4 Working Days - Only U.S. Available
Price: $20.00
While placing this order, on May 9th I called Jeulia's Customer Service twice. The first was a gentleman I believe was named Damon/Damien, Leslie was second. Damon couldn't help me with resolving a tech problem preventing me from having my ring engraved. Leslie was supposed to assist me in paying with my bank Visa but technical difficulties only allowed me to pay using PayPal, and I couldn't add a single stone necklace SKU # RGT408-6 (price was on sale for $16.68 now $19.99). Paying with PayPal meant I couldn't select certain options.
On the checkout page the engraving was displayed as “My Kids, My “ (not “My Kids, My 🖤”). I spoke to a gentleman I believe named Damon/Damien between 6pm-7:30pm, and he said that tech support wasn't available but to pay for the engraving and call during their regular business hours to speak to someone who could help- he couldn't say whether the heart would be engraved if they couldn't see the heart in the order (and spelling out "heart" was too many characters).
I didn't feel comfortable paying if there wasn't a guarantee that it'd be engraved correctly and if they could engrave a 🖤- So I temporarily removed the engraving until I could later speak to a representative/supervisor/tech support. Which I did by e-mail, and on social media and Facebook Messenger to Jeulia's Facebook Business Page contact (messenger).
Upon checking out I experienced more issues- inability to pay using a credit card, being redirected to PayPal and not able to pay for expedited shipping ($20), the second necklace ($16.68 on sale) and brought up the earlier call about Engraving ($20), I called the same night about an hour later and spoke to Representative Leslie.
So, I went to checkout and in my order was:
The Mermaid Rainbow Ring, the heartbeat necklace (free), free shipping. Order # 100593887
When trying to checkout the "checkout buttons were either PayPal or Credit Card. I wanted Credit card but it wouldn't work, I'd be directed to PayPal, I called hoping to reach a representative who cared about my issue, apologized for the inconvenience, could direct me to technical support or someone who could better assist me such as a manager because she seemed to not understand my issue due to the language/accent barrier. Instead my Representative was Leslie. -the rudest customer service Rep, who could and would not help me, or direct me to someone who I could understand and vice-versa, refused a supervisor, refused tech support, and stayed quiet, typing, while I sat waiting silent thinking perhaps she's helping me, for about 15 MINUTES when I realized she was trying to make me hang up! Extremely passive -aggressive. Representative (Leslie) told me to "call back in 9 hours, when our supervisor gets in it's 2am here" (but I need to wake up at 2am my time to call to give you my money and be a consumer of your product because you can't help me I needed a supervisor.)
I finally gave up, Then I hung up really questioning if I should give Jeulia's my money? I did order. But because I HAD to use PayPal I couldn't choose a quicker shipping method and I couldn't select the necklace SKU is RGT408-6 that was available for $16.68 (Thank you to Representative Loren who emailed me the SKU so I could see the necklace details) but it was too late and I couldn't pay due to the technical difficulties and was forced to use PayPal? But I figure one really bad Representative doesn't make the whole company bad. Loren was wonderful communicating with me. Also there was a countdown clock that I had to use my $60 off code (Cut60); Loren was wonderful communicating with me. Promised me another free necklace of the one I wanted to order (attachments of emails/message from Facebook included) so I did order.
Even though I wanted to add the TWO necklaces the one shown on the order I received the(the heartbeat necklace), and the single clear stone SKKU-RGT408-6 (it cost approx $19.99 but was on sale for $16.68))- this is the necklace was supposed to be included FREE in this Facebook message from Loren sent when I reached out on Facebook Messenger "Hi
This is the free necklace that's to be sent. Not the heartbeat one I paid for. (I couldn't buy both because I was Forced to use PayPal and I didn't have the $16.68 to buy that extra necklace, engraving $20(even if there wasn't the initial technical error, and expedited shipping $20 (although like I said Loren made sure it was shipped quickly but forgot to include the second necklace in the order.
Which was implied by saying in another email : (email sent w/ attachments of screenshots of emails/messages on Facebook account)
“For the necklace SKU is RGT408-6, we are sorry about that. And we gift you another necklace as free in your order.” -stating the SKU of the necklace I didn't get and wasn't sent with my order, and saying “we GIFT you ANOTHER necklace as FREE in your order” – I already had the heartbeat necklace that I added that was priced $0.00 (Free). So Representative Lorens statement implied another free necklace w/ SKU RGT408-6.
After Receiving my ring and free heartbeat necklace I ordered, I noticed the second necklace wasn't in there. So I must of talked to multiple representatives because each time I had to repeat everything, and I'd get “I'm sorry, we apologize “ promises through social media (Facebook, email, Instagram) were made to engrave the ring for free, send the promised necklace and expedite shipping back to me for free (but I had to pay to ship them the ring to engrave) which I was ok with.
But nothing ever happened, except more apologies and eventually they recanted ALL promises, tried to twist the implied meaning of Lorens words to say the free necklace was the one I ordered free (the heartbeat necklace), which was ordered before Loren identified and promised ANOTHER necklace.
Then through Facebook Messenger I got this message (I can screenshot all the Facebook messages):
“Hi, we understand how frustrating this experience has been for you and sorry for all the inconvenience caused. May I know what can we do now to meet your satisfaction or what is your suggestion for this problem. Thank you.” Unknown Representative(wouldn't give name) on Facebook Messenger
My replies to Unknown representative on Facebook Messenger:
“I only want what was specifically promised by Jeulia representatives.
1. My ring engraved Free (and correctly because the heart isn't showing up when I checked out) "My Kids, My 🖤"- I'd spell "heart" but it's over the character limit.
2. The free necklace SKU RTG408-6 (it was $16.63 at checkout) it's the top right necklace pic in this photo from checkout.
3. Then it shipped back to me at no cost because this wasn't my fault (I'll pay to mail my ring to you unless your able to send a shipping label- but I need the information to do so).”
Throughout my communications e-mail/Facebook Messages in Messenger I was promised that the necklace SKU # RGT408-6 would be sent, my ring would be Engraved for free to say "My Kids, My 🖤" and for the inconvenience shipping would be expedite when sent back again..
Not only were these not done (except Loren ensured my initial shipment was sent out fairly quick), I have been questioned over and over giving the same long, in depth story, only to be asked questions again that I've answered in my story and separately over and over. When I finally decided I didn't want to support a company that treated their customers so poorly, and promises made were never kept regardless of how much proof I showed and how clearly and often I explained the situation. Jeulia's Jewelry has failed in every aspect. My order was incomplete (second necklace not included) and the ring isn't nearly as nice as the website shows. I requested a refund, and was told that because the sticker "size tag" was loose and stuck to the styrofoam before I removed the ring and wasn't still attached it could not be returned. Although, it says you can return it for ANY reason within thirty days.
I want a full refund (to return the ring). Besides what policy for Jewelry ever makes you save that?! The size is on the order! They can measure it again also. It's feels like a loophole for a scam.
30-day Hassle free for any reason returns (clearly not completely true). At this point I want a FULL REFUND, it's within the 30 days, and the tag falling off was due to them putting it on incorrectly.
30 Day Return Policy
Easy, Hassle Free 30 Day Return Policy
We want you to feel comfortable and confident when shopping at Jeulia, which is why we offer a straight-forward 30 day return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund (minus any shipping or gift packaging charges) or an exchange within 30 days of the delivery date.

The item must be returned in a new and unworn condition (no damage, no wear).
The item being returned must have the jewelry tag attached.
Customized items (including customized size, engraved, customized color) will not be accepted for refund. (Please kindly be noted that customized sizes including: size≤4 , size≥10 and half sizes).
Replacements will not be refunded.
You will be responsible for the return shipping cost.
Return Process
To request a return, or if you otherwise require assistance, please email us at: [email protected]

Upon receipt, all returned items are inspected for signs of wear or damage prior to issuance of any refunds, replacements or credits. New and unworn condition means that items show no sign of scratches, marks, or blemishes. Additionally, items modified or re-sized by another jeweler are not considered new. Upon acceptance of your return, a refund will be issued to the original form of payment. Any promotional gifts must also be returned with your returned item.

Jewelry Tag
The item being returned must have the jewelry tag still attached. Do not remove this tag until you are certain you want to keep your item. The tag does not need to be removed for ring sizing purposes. The thread is extremely thin and will not impact how the ring fits.

Important Note: Packages returned without consent will not be accepted!

So here's a few reasons I believe this 30-Day No Questions Asked (see attachment), straightforward, not completely satisfied is a scam.
1. You can't return to sender and MUST contact them for "consent". (Not straightforward).
2. No Questions asked: when you call to get "consent" they ask questions regarding why you want/need to return. (Not straight forward or no questions asked).
3. You have 30 days to try it out, make sure you're happy, BUT you'll have to do so wearing a tiny fragile size sticker the whole time. Because, of if it arrives like mine (half stuck to the styrofoam insert, and the ring, when I removed it to look at it and try it on- the sticker ripped in two, half stuck to the styrofoam, the other half too small. Also, title have to keep that sticker on 30 days while wearing it and trying put the feel, looks, etc. but if the sticker comes off, falls off, is removed, or is accidental they do not care and WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY!
4. No sizes-(custom which is understandable) size≤4; size≤10; and half sizes!!! Ex. 6.5, 7 3/4 (my size). It wasn't listed as custom it was listed with the other sizes.

Names reported:
Damon, Leslie, Loren
Web/emails reported:

Jeulia won't make good on their 30 day guarantee.

  • by: Bethy2017
  • #34007
  • Jun 10, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $185.95
I have been scammed by I purchased a ring from them in Janury, and one of the stones fell out. I notified the company, and did what they asked. I sent a photo of the ring, I sent my name, and I sent my e-mail addy. I also sent the purchase order, and for good measure the shipping order. They say they have a 30 day period, where the ring can be replaced if any defects occur, and I notified them of the missing stone well before the 30 days were up. They also have a 1 year guarantee, on the ring. It is now June, I have received no satisfaction, and their phones don't work, and when I contact chat, they tell me to do everything I have already done, in order to get a replacement. I am glad to see that I am not th e only one who is having a problem with this company. Something needs to be done, but what?

HORRID people

  • by: OneUniqueWoman
  • #34808
  • Jun 23, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $153.00
$! story for my personal experience;

I ordered a ring for my daughter in law for her Birthday I ordered early in April as the FREE shipping option takes 30 days the COMPANY is located in Hong Kong so if you want free they will not ship from the US address in California. they make you wait an additional 2 weeks t get your merchandise... anyway I ordered the ring.

I got it the quality seemed nice, and my daughter loved it HOWEVER it was the wrong size... and I had passed the 30 return as I ordered to not have shipping issues and get there ring in time for her BD.. so i called customer service they refuse to deal with me for over two hours I take to a rep LOREN RUDE nasty lady ... after it was evident I was not going to accept that they would not exchange for a larger size they told me to take a picture and show that the ring was still in good shape un-worn... I did as asked then they told me well we do not feel that your reason for passing the 30 days is valid one we will not change; again I insisted finally they agreed to the exchange...after three hours online from 6PM to 9PM PST) that is 9am to 11am In HongKong, china...

The numbers for them are not answered unless it is 9 am to 4pm CHINA TIME so you have to call only then and even then they do not answer half the time.

they then asked me to pay and additional $10 shipping which I did and Told them after all the hassle they caused me they had to send the replacement to me BEFORE I would send back the one I had NOW I have the City of Industry address for the customer service and drop ship here in California I live only a short drive from there.. I told then I would drive or overnight the one that we could not use that was too small once I received the replacement... they have refused to send me the replacement.. under any circumstances ...I also have a written transcript of the chat and the phone calls this I am will be making available on FACEBOOK today 6-23....

DO NOT BUY FORM THESE PEOPLE they will not stand behind anything... I asked over 30 times to speak to a manger DURING THEIR business hours at 9PM California time.... they refused to allow me to talk to anyone other Than the phone reps.....

#2 issue...

I bought a second ring after I got my daughter BEFORE I knew about the customer service issues.... it was HUGE 4 carrot center stone well for me it was just too much bling... I asked to have it returned and exchanged well within the 30 day time frames again they refused to send the replacement to me unless I sent them back the MDSE FIRST...

let me say this : I get products from : APPLE:SONY:DELL:ATT: and many others NEVER have I had to send the defective or wrong thing to them BEFORE I received the CORRECT merchandise.... and all those companies products to me are far MORE expensive than the small little $154 purchase from JEULIA...... I will not trust them to send me the replacements so I am insisting they send me the new BEFORE I send them back the ones I have ...

Needless to say we are still arguing ..... these people have HORRID customer service ...
I hVE ADDED THE CHAT HERE if you choose to read it....
and yes THEY ARE VERY passive aggressive they will not hang up pn you but THEY WILL just stop talking to you until YOU hang up both on the phones as well as in chats .... AGAIN I SAY DO NOT BUY FORM THEM......
Names reported:
Loren, Damien, Leslie
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]