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Laowai Career Center in China is a Scam that sell fake jobs and diplomas!

  • by: ChinaScamVictim
  • #28164
  • Mar 13, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $1,800
They obtain your resume from brokers and then contact you claiming you applied for one of the jobs they represent in China. (I did no such thing). They get you interested in a great paying job that does not really exist. Their website is very well done and convincing because they copy and paste real job ads from big and well-known companies on to their website. They also use fake reviews and "testimonials" explained at here

After they convince you to pay a processing fee they get you an L or F or M visa invitation letter by telling you to lie on your visa application which is actually a crime. After they get your money, and you arrive in China they tell you that your employer wants a copy of your university diploma. If you don't have one like me, they sell you one for $1,500. I must say it looks genuine to me - even with the gold seal.

After you spend a bunch of money to get to China and rent an apartment, and buy their counterfeit diploma, you are told that the wonderful nob you applied for is "no longer available"

Since I had $380 left to my name and stuck in China, I was desperate and worried especially after I found out that I really needed a Z visa to work legally. They offered me some teaching jobs with schools that are not approved by SAFEA and are blacklisted. I refused the jobs and asked for a refund so I could go back home. The owner Yuri just told me to read the terms and conditions on my contract.

Because they offered me "a job in China" within 30 days I was not entitled to a refund. They basically screwed me and caused me to spend over $5,000 and lose 2 months of my life. I found these links online this morning:
and here is another China scam called Gi2c owned by the same guy!

Pleas warn all the uni students which are their number one target.
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Yuri, Mary, Mr.Maxwell
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