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Wilson Hudson



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Walmart secret shopper scam

  • by: jonsiern
  • #45329
  • Feb 07, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
In a priority mail envelope, I received a check for $3865.00 to do a secret shopper WalMart evaluation. I was instructed to either cash check or deposit for 24 hours for the funds to clear. Once cashed, deduct $300 commission. Purchase a cashier's check for $25 made out to American Cancer Society; use $10 for purchase. Head to closest WalMart for the survey being discreet not to arouse suspicion. using MOney gram, send $2450 to Oliver Hindera In Istanbul Turkey and $1000 via WalMart to WalMart to Samuel Westano (an undercover surveyor) in Houston Texas. Take note of any challenges locating money gram store, outlook of the WalMart and MoneyGram store, customer service professionalism, how fast and efficient was service, how close location of MoneyGram to your area, was form too short or long, and any information that may be helpful. Evaluation report details to be forwarded; name and address of sender, MoneyGram reference number (8 Digits) for Oliver Hindera and Walmart 2 Walmart reference (9 digit) for Samuel Westano, exact amounts sent (shouldn't they already know), and a scanned or clear picture copy of check brought (this makes no sense). After completion of assignment, sent test to 347-353-8431 or email to [email protected]
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Wilson Hudson
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