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Scam attempt

  • by: Chassron
  • #7
  • Dec 31, 2015
  • Monetary Loss: $500,000
James Green called from the above number claiming I've won $500,000 money gram. He gave me 800-926-9400 with tracking number 74711861 to confirm transaction. I was told to go to nearest money gram with $180 to deposit and he would stay on the line until I reached money gram. I informed I don't give to receive. He then said he would find someone else interested if I'm not. I ended the call.
Names reported:
James Green
Phones reported:

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Notification : $600,000.00 winnings

  • by: Justice
  • #21
  • Jan 1, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $600,000
This person "Killian Shirley Elizabeth", requested to be my friend on Facebook and I not even thinking of "Fraud", I accepted her friend request. She initiated a conversation through "message" with "hello, how are you," if I remember correctly, I responded that I am fine, thank you. She came back asking if I have been notified of my "winnings", and I asked her, who was supposed to notify me? She kept on, like beating around and I kept asking what did I win and still she kept on going around in circles, and then she finally after so many questions from me, that she told me that I won $600,000.00 USD. Again, I questioned her how did I win and from whom and why was I not officially notified. Again, she evaded the question and she said that I won a Lotto on/from Facebook. Oh, I almost forgot, she said that I was one of (I forgot how many), that was selected as one of the winners for that amount and when I asked when amI going to be presented my winnings, she said that I would have to go to California to the Headquarters to be presented or to collect my winnings. That was when I realize that this must be a HOAX. Prior to I was requested to give information like, my full name, my address, phone number and I don't remember if that included my SS#, I told her that I couldn't get on a plane for I don't have the money to get me there, she then said that, the check can be delivered by their company but I have to pay a fee of $280USD, she didn't even say how I was supposed to pay this amount, whether by cash or money order or by check. Then I asked what form of money do I pay, her respond was, "cashiers check" and I asked why don't they just deduct that from the winnings, and she said it cannot be done because the check is already on the way and it should be at my door within four hours, another thing that I assumed this was a Hoax, was she kept calling me "mother", anyway, I, at one point asked her why does she keep calling me "mother" and she said, don't you like me to call you mother? I kind of figured that the Middle Eastern people, i guess to show respect to elder women, they call them mother, I don't know, but she seemed funny or "fishy". I still have the messages on my Facebook, and I just don't know how to copy or transfer the whole conversation to this report so you all can see for yourselves, however, I am trying not to delete this person because I might delete the messages as well. If I can get help on how to forward the conversations, I would be most grateful. On today's date, 01 January 2016, at about 4:00 a.m. my phone rings and when I answered, a recording kept saying to enter a code number which consists of about four numbers, I hung the phone, then it rang again, I again answered and the same thing happened but different code #s, I hung up again. After around 9:45 a.m., while I was listening to the recording from my bank, I saw an incoming call which had an area code that begins with 1 plus a long list of numbers. When I was done with my call, I was checking for that number and I couldn't find it, but I am sure it can be traced by my telephone carrier. Please check on this, for I feel that there is a fraud going on, on Facebook and I am hoping and praying that they did not get enough information to tap into my privacy, both my home and my bank account. Please contact me at (850) 226-**** or mail information or results to: *****. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. I have learned a good lesson from this and it will never happen again.
Names reported:
Killian Shirley Elizabeth
Web/emails reported:

I have been scammed got HIV and disabled

  • by: queenbee
  • #46
  • Jan 3, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $300
I was on Facebook and I got a friend request fr Yolanda Adams, and told her about my situation and I thought I was texting her, and it was the person whose name I reported. I am newly diagnosed with HIV and I am disabled and on a fixed income so her this text u was chosen as five of the people to be blessings of $10,000, so I texted back for information
They as my name and address and telephone number so I did that. They ask me to send them four hundred dollar I said I can get two hundred dollar. OK send that. I did that then they as to send fifty. The fifty was for sending it and the other money was for taxes. I did that. He gave me half the number, and then the lady, she was suppose to be Yolanda Adams was lying with him. she texted me telling me to wait and be patient. When I ask is my funds ready he change the subject. This happen on new year's eve he waited until the ace store was closed he tried to get some more money. When he found out that he was not getting any more money, so he gave it to me which was fraud number. this Saturday I did as instrue to do no money at this time went back this afternoon. and the lady said she had to report I am reporting it to. All this happen since three days ago. I would like or the FBI help me to get money back.
Names reported:
Lyiriao Asahenoma
Phones reported:

Attempt to scam

  • by: mjawoody
  • #90
  • Jan 5, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $5.00
Phone call said I won $300000 plus and sent info on line with check on Bank of America for 3 million plus dollars. Keep calling and leaving messages. location is Las Vegas Nev. and name is "mega millions".
Names reported:
Jerry Laws
Phones reported:
909-346-2244, 408-290-5870

My moms credit cards and social security

  • by: brenda
  • #96
  • Jan 5, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $200
He told her she won a million dollars but she had to pay the taxes he got her credit card numbers and social security number and told her not to tell anyone.she was going to give him 5000 dollars. I put a stop to it.We also called the credit card companies and social security so he got nothing.
Names reported:
Alex Johnson
Phones reported:


  • by: donnacooper
  • #125
  • Jan 6, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $1.25
Happy New Year,
I am the happiest in the world today, Just wanted to Let you know that I won USA DEAF COUNTRY LOTTERY from Mrs Susan Dozeman who is the representative of USA DEAF COUNTRY LOTTERY. I won the sum of 500,000.00 Dollars and I have gotten my winning prize already the main reason why am sharing this news with you is that Susan Dozeman told me that many deaf people won the lottery, let you know that Lottery agent came to my house to hand-over me my winning check and Lottery Brochure which I saw your name and e-mail on the winning list Mrs Susan Dozeman want you to e-mail him now for you to claim your winning prize because they might have send you e-mail and you did not receive it is better you e-mail or text Mrs Susan Dozeman in other for you to claim your winning money. Here is Mrs Susan Dozeman's contact information ( [email protected] & Mobile text number ( 323) 657-3471 . Lottery agent took me to my bank to get the check cashed I have the money in my account can't believe this can ever happen to me I had been dreaming about this lottery since all this years Deaf Lottery is a good company because they help the deaf people with the lottery, wish you best of luck and mind you I will be going for long vacation soon feel free to e-mail me any time

My deaf client knew nothing about this. and I blocked the instant email that appeared when I "replied" to her, Contacting her separately to warn her of the breech, getting the computer checked for spyware or whatever.

Names reported:
Susan Dozeman
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]