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"Secret Shopper" Gift Card Scam

  • by: OldguyinTX
  • #92856
  • Feb 26, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Received via Priority Mail 2-Day (USPS), an apparent cashiers check for $2350 from First Community Credit Union, Houston, TX 77284-0129, dated 2/20/2021. The zip is a valid Houston zip code, but none of the 16 branches nor the Corporate Office are in this 77284 zipcode.
Suppose to deposit and then purchase 3 $400 Gift Cards from one Walmart and then 2 $400 Gift Cards from another, Then send Gift Card info via pictures of the 5 cards with Pin numbers, then await instructions for 2nd Mystery Shopper Assignment.
Return Address on the mailing is GNT Solutions 5201 Thurman Way Sacramento, CA 95824. A quick google map of this address shows a small duplex in a residential area.
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Paul Brown
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Web/emails reported:, [email protected]
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