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A scam for refund for that service

  • by: dejoan
  • #58875
  • May 7, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $2700
I received a phone call stating did I remember when they fixed my computer last year. They have to issue a refund did I want it. They rounded off to $300 and went into my computer just like they did last year and wanted to put the money into my account. They had me sign onto my credit card account and what they did was unknown to me at the time made a copy of my information and deposited $3000 into my account telling me I could not tell my credit card of the transaction or I would get charged 25% tax on the deposit. So they wanted me to go to Nordtroms Rack buy $2700 of gift cards and then I would give them the numbers and they would get their money back. After receiving my money they tried to get $5000 stating they made another mistake and I must go to Nordstrom again and get the money to return to them. After I got wise to this I called the police and my credit only find out it was a scam, which I filed a report, contacted my bank and credit card company. My credit card company had no such deposits on their site and my account. I have lost $2700 and I feel so stupid I can't believe I fell for this, but I did. I am so ashamed of myself and I am now feeling grateful they did not get another $5000 from me. I received 19 phone calls trying to get the $5000 which I did not answer from James with an accent which I could hardly understand. That in it's self was a clue.
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