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Teacup Pomeranian

  • by: Pommom
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  • Jan 6, 2018
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So I am looking for a Pomeranian or teacup pom. I found a website called Markmicropuppies that looked legit. It had health guarantees, amazing testimonials, a whole section about them, and everything. The puppies were only $660 already cheap enough for micros. I found this beautiful baby girl "Lilly" a white micro pom, so I contacted Markmicropuppies through email. They hada number and two different addresses. (But I only contacted through email first) They had one location on their website (Dallas Texas) but when I emailed her she replied that she lived in PA...what? I thought you lived in Dallas I told her where I lived one a 1,000 miles away. She gave me this " well we really like meeting our pets new owners in person but we can ship directly to your house in a special aircraft designed for shipping animals. Well I thought "wow, she only wants 70 extra dollars..." She told me that she only has 3 poms left and she was trying to get rid of them because her son was the breeder and passed away of long term cancer, so she was dropping the price to $200 plus 70 for shipping. She was really kind at first and asked questions to make sure "I qualified." Well my mom was going to get me Lilly for my birthday coming up. We asked her if we could make a small down payment for her to hold the puppy for 2 weeks (right before my b-day) and we'll buy Lilly and we were told she will be shipped the same day to our house within 4-7 hours and we would get all of the tracking information and everything. Then here came the moment of truth... Does she except PayPal payments? Nope... She said she can't use PayPal because of a recent transaction of over $6,000, but she wouldexept western union or money gram. That's when I tried one more trick reverse image search. "Lilly who is 11 weeks old, is not actually 11 weeks old" turns out that the exact same picture of this puppy "Lilly" was posted in 2016 on this website... I told her I decided not to buy Lilly, and almost 2 days and no reply. Beware because her site looks legit.
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