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Unauthorized charges

  • by: mich
  • #50064
  • Aug 8, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $79.98
Have a Target MasterCard that I rarely use, unless at Target. Got a notification for a late payment charge. Signed into my Target account and found charges for June and July for $39.99. I looked up the website, which I had never heard of, and called customer service. They insisted that it is a manual enter only site, that I had to have entered all of the info myself, and if I didn't, then someone in my house who had access to my card and information must have signed up for a monthly ebook/audiobook subscription. I argued that I never did. They refunded only last transaction. I asked if they would have sent me an email upon joining, and she said yes. Searched my email history and I have never received anything from them. Called back and reiterated everything I had already said and inquired how this could have happened or if it was attached to a student website, since my daughters are in college. No. I said ok..then I'll have to dispute it with my credit card company. He said "no, no, don't do that. It will tie up the refund process. I will refund you for June also." Get online to look up if there's any fraud...BAM BAM....LOTS of others....SCAM!!!! Look forward to notifying my credit card company and will close this card. Alert to others....CLOSE CARDS OR GET PROTECTION FOR THE CARD USED IN THE SCAM BECAUSE THEY TRADE AND SELL THE INFORMATION!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
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