Medicare Scams

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  • by: Brooklyn6506
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  • Jan 20, 2021
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I received a phone call from a place called pain management on Monday January 18,2021. They told me my medical doctors had recommended shoulder brace. I stupidly gave my Medicare number to them. I realized I had been scammed! I can’t believe I did that! I’m smarter than that! I reported it to Medicare and getting approval for a new number.

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I have been scammed by above person claiming to be from Medicare HQS.

  • by: BAMHOBBS
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  • Jan 22, 2021
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Call was received on 1-22-2021 about noon. Person said he was a senior supervisor working for Medicare and stated his name was Benjamin R. Martin. He stated he needed to verify my information for a new Medicare card I would be receiving soon. I asked why a new card and he stated new cards were being issued and he needed to verify quickly so I could receive my new card. I told him I thought this was a scam. He assured me it was not. He quickly went on asking other questions such as which Medicare I had, A or B. Then wanted me to verify my number. I asked him to state my number and he said he could not do that as I needed to verify. I did give my number. Then he wanted Dr. info. I finally told him I was hanging up as I knew this was a scam. Then he called again and left a message on my phone saying because I had reservations about his call, he would report to appropriate office. I did not return call and have not received another call. I am concerned my Medicare card will now be used wrongfully. What should I do? Thanks.
Names reported:
Benjamin R. Martin
Phones reported:
270-877-4838, 270-833-6429

Scam for my Medicare card(old Medicare number)

  • by: pikake
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  • Mar 10, 2021
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Alexa Bliss called me explaining that MEDICARE was going to send me a 2021 new MEDICARE card on Monday but I needed to give him my old number first. I questioned him why he didn't have that one and after (30 min. conversation with him asking him the authenticity of his credentials, and not wanting to be scammed, etc. )he finally wore me down and so I finally gave him the number. He then said, "Ha, ha, this is a scam and I will take all of your money." I immediately called Social Security and some wonderful personnel there told me that she would call my bank and have it block my account. After a couple of hours I realized that I had forgotten to call MEDICARE so when I did. several personnel helped and referred me to contact the Federal Trade Commission to provide added info. Because I couldn't get a person to answer my concerns via the phone I am emailing my scam report. Hope this will suffice.

Fraudulent identity call for Medicare use & access to my card.

  • by: QVC123
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  • Mar 15, 2021
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2 men on 3-16-21 about 4 PM called one named Tobias the other didn't reveal hisname I calledhim Alex. A man had talked to from Verizon, he didn't correct. They wanted my Medicare # & address & were going to send me a back brace & knee brace & put on a National Do Not Call List. I did not want this necessarily But gave this info out Anyway I I want the National Do Not Call List Reversed so my line is free access in & / or out. Also Medicare Said Do I need to CHANGE my Medicare number RSVP Please ASAP? THANKS


  • by: pennikdime
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  • Apr 7, 2021
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Man called stating he was with Medicare Health, and said this is an annual checkup. Asked me about what medications I take and then asked for my Medicare # to verify who I am. And my birthdate.
Unfortunately I read it to him and then he said “ I see you have Preferred Choice Ins so I’ll take you off the list”. and hung up.
He said the wrong insurance company.
I called number back and it said “ not in service”
I have already contacted Medicare Fraud division this morning.
I feel foolish, but the call caught me at a busy time and I picked it up without looking first.
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Medicare Scammer (probably)

  • by: MikkiDaFish
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  • Dec 21, 2022
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Yesterday morning I took a call purporting to be from my healthcare insurance group. It was a fully automated voicecall from the above Business Name. The voice said they were phoning to make sure I was fully covered next year (I am), then asked, "Are you [my name]?" needing a voice confirmation from me. I was curious so answered Yes. I knew this was a scam when the voice then said, "To ensure that we are speaking to the right person," they needed me to confirm my DOB. At that point I hung up. I know my healthcare insurance company would NEVER phone asking me to confirm details in my policy.
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