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Medicare fraud

  • by: doodlebug
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  • Mar 6, 2020
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On 3.4.20 At 12:43 p.m. I received a call from a person named Alexis. Telephone number 800-633-4227 and with the additional numbers of ******. Alexis stated she was calling from Medicare and that I would be getting a new Medicare card and it would be plastic and she wanted to tell me about some new benefits. Alexis inquired about my name and address and inquired if this was correct and I stated not exactly. I requested her phone number and I would call her right back and she hung up.
At 12:54 p.m. another phone call (800-633-4227) and she stated this was Alexis. I stated "You called me just recently and hung up on me." She denied having done this and I stated "what is the nature of your call?" I inquired if Alexis works for Medicare and she stumbled initially and then stated "I work for Medicare" and that I am "eligible for prescriptions, dental, eye checkups, arthritis, blood pressure, and diabetic check ups, etc." She continued with inquiring if I had pain in my back and shoulders. Alexis inquired if I had my Medicare number and I stated I didn't. I inquired if she could give me my number and she stated what it was. After we hung up I did verify that the Medicare number she gave me was correct, but I did not tell Alexis this.

While speaking with Alexis I told her that I had to get off the phone and I could call her back. Alexis gave me the number of 631-866-1079 and I didn't call her back, but I did block every number showing up on the caller ID as well as the *********.
I also inquired with Alexis where she is calling from and she stated Jacksonville Florida.

I also neglected to mention that with the call and after I picked up the phone there was silence that lasted seconds. I mentioned this to the Medicare rep and then realized that this was more than likely associated with an off shore phone number which wouldn't have surprised me given the individual's dialect.

I called Medicare later that evening and also requested a new Medicare card and identification number. I also backed this up with a subscription to Lifelock.

This wasn't documented earlier, but the day before, which would have been March 3, 2020, I did receive another call and this was a male. I recognized his voice and knew this was the person who called me earlier in the week. I asked if he worked for Medicare and he hesitated and jumbled a few words and stated he didn't but was concerned about the pain I was experiencing and I told him that I am not experiencing any pain or discomfort and thanked him for the call and hung up.

Personally, this person and the other people who have called me are targeting the defenseless, e.g. elderly and disabled. Alexis, for example, with using the key words of prescription, dental, etc. were targeting those who are elderly and disabled. Unless this has changed Medicare (red, white, and blue) doesn't include prescriptions, etc. (at least to my understanding). And the references to pain in the back and shoulders would appear the caller was attempting to identify those individuals who are experiencing pain associated with osteoarthritis, which is not uncommon for the elderly.

In conclusion, if these people are apprehended they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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Phones reported:
800-633-4227, 631-866-1079

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  • by: NAM
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  • Mar 14, 2020
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Caller called and ask if i had medicare and like a fool i said yes and they hung up
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I have been scammed by using the the town i live in.

  • by: BRred
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  • Mar 17, 2020
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She started asking medical questions then I hung up. then when I called back the 3 was disconnected,
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Medical alert

  • by: Pepepuppy
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  • Mar 18, 2020
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I have received 13 calls from different calls from all over for the last two days. I keep telling them no and to take my phone number off their call list. They keep calling.
Phones reported:
770-945-6391, 256-329-2839, 406-628-4493, 313-368-5362, 256-368-5362, 256-329-2839

Medicare Fraud

  • by: mari59
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  • Mar 24, 2020
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Howard contacted me to tell me he could not see a patient on March 20, 2020. Howard has patients who are invalids initial Medicare billing consent illegally. Even when he does not even see a patient, he bills Medicare anyway. He continues to commit Medicare fraud but is not seeing his patients. He discharged the 95 year old patient who lives in East Chicago on March 23, 2020. He texted me this information, "I discharged the patient this afternoon".
Names reported:
Howard M. Saccomando
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Offer of a new service

  • by: Fedup4sure
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  • Apr 2, 2020
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Person identified themselves as a rep from Medicare offering a new service and asked "How are you today?" and I mistakenly said "OK' and then I realized that could be used by her to say I approved of what she was peddling and immediately hung up.
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