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  • by: Janicedav
  • #50368
  • Aug 17, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $355.00
I got a message on messenger from this person that I know and she said this work for her.she sent 350.00 and she got back a greater amount. though western union and she ask for my send to this guy and he call me and told what to do.this is the phone no.he gave me to call him (501)200-1709 and I should send the money to Illinois to this Dajuanna Lovett.
Names reported:
Dajuanna Lovett
Phones reported:

I've been Scammed by Kevin.

  • by: Edmck123
  • #49795
  • Jul 23, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $200
I needed some extra cash for school so I saw his Instagram which is Italiankevv. He made a post and said $200 can get me $4,000 if done by 2pm. So I sent him a message and he said to go to Walmart and send it to Donald Hamilton Cannon in Michigan. I did and when I waited for the call his boss called me and said it would cost me $500 more to receive the money, which I concluded was a scam. Was anyone able to get their money back?.
Names reported:
Kevin, Donald Hamilton Cannon
Phones reported:
248-469-2606, 313-758-7696
Web/emails reported:

I have been scammed

  • by: Kiwi01
  • #48504
  • Jun 9, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $100
This person is scamming people with western union and money gram.
Names reported:
Andrena Edwards
Phones reported:

Bogus Money Flip

  • by: Notgonnatake192
  • #48101
  • Jun 1, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $5,750
The company advertised as flipping your cash doubling your money by you sending them your money and they send you back double what you sent in 45 minutes they also saving that they are covered by the FTC and the IRS so that they won't be under scrutiny for money laundering they even advertised the FTC under the heading on their website on Instagram I also have text messages from both the manager as well as the sales associates as well as Western Union receipts on MoneyGram receipts
Also reported:
Instagram user name Mariann Mcneil
Names reported:
Teddy Washington, Mariann McNeil
Phones reported:

Flip cash

  • by: flipcashscam
  • #47475
  • May 10, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $500.00
I saw it on instagram, they said if I send them, for example, $300.00 they would send $3000.00 back to me through Western Union. when I sent them the money they said I had to pay a fee of $200.00 to get my $3000.00. when I did that he said I had to pay another fee and then WESTERN Union stopped letting the transactions go , long story short I burned for $500.00 I have the bank statements (VISA) to prove it. I also have all the texts from my cellphone
Names reported:
Joseph, Roshan, Wayne Bown
Phones reported:


  • by: Msdee
  • #47072
  • Apr 21, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $150.00
The people or companies promise to flip your cash. Sending money in many different ways.
Names reported:
Steve Tyson